I tried a stacking window manager yesterday. I can't understand how I once was able to use them. If I open more than two windows I'm completely lost and overwhelmed by the excessive arrangement of them.


@hund tab tab tab tab tab BROWSER
tab tab tab tab PUTTY

Where's that calculator again?

Tab tab tab tab tab tab tab

@hund What about all your browser tabs? =) Most-recent-used behaviour saves me from getting crazy. Btw I've promised myself (and probably you) to try a tiling manager, just need to find some time. Looking forward to it.

@jonas I have very browser tabs open, but I list them with `b` and then just type letters to filter them out. I can also just browse between them directly using `J` and `K`. :)

You should try them! You will thank yourself for it. :D

@jonas I can't remember if it's default or if I have changed the keybindings myself. I'm qutebrowser, it's a keyboard driven Vi-like web browser.

@jonas @hund

And for firefox/chromium users there's an extension called Vimium

@wuwei @hund Just tried the Vimium extension for FF. It would be great but it doesn't help me with tabs. b and o won't list nor search among them. Shift+J/K does not switch between last used tabs. Maybe it's a bug or can be configured.

@wuwei @hund Google as default made me accidently do my first Google search this year - doh =)

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