The more I ask about nuclear plants, the less happy I am.

I feel like if I push on someone will eventually tell me they're running Norton antivirus.

1. It shouldn't be networked.
2. There's insufficient auditing of the complete shutdown chain, which requires that nearby water pumps and electricity plants are active. These are also networked, including INDIVIDUAL PUMPS, which themselves run on proprietary compilers.

@malin ohh I see. By networked do you also mean connected to the internet in anyway or a LAN network?

@Huggles This is where things get hazy. Plants certainly have a local network, and that sounds understandable - but still worrisome given that the nuclear attack on Iran was via USB.

One problem is that water pumps can have WAN access, and those water pumps are used to shut down a plant. How much faillover there is, I'm not sure, but the wider point is that the definition of 'the plant' should include everything which is necessary to shut down the plant safely.


@Huggles I don't know how connected things can get at max. At the very least, speaking with people involved in the industry has reminded me that the difference between having a LAN and WAN is a matter of degree - it all reaches the internet eventually, and comes from the internet in increments.

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@malin @Huggles ipv6 network scoping is fun. Feels great having so much space.

What I don't get is 127.0/8 is all localhost. How is ::1 only localhost in ipv6? :: is equivalent of

And fe80::/58 is site-local all to itself. (Think am wrong on this)

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