My gf's installed flash on my perfect little arch machine in order to play whimsical computer games.

Anyone know any Linux-available free games in any of these categories?

a) Horror.
b) Extremely girly.
c) Simulation.

Please save me from Flash.

CataclysmDDA is the ultimate apocalypse simulation games, and it's open source.

Dwarf Fortress is also free and on linux.

@hannibal_ad_portas Those look great for me....

though I should have said 'no terminals'. 90's graphics is about her limit.

... I'll definitely be taking a look at DDA though.

I can't do ASCII games either, thankfully both if them have tile packs

I think scratch is moving away from flash

@OpenComputeDesign Sims. But I think she'd like any number of things with a little engagement and some basic graphics.

I'm trying to get her into Companions of Xanth, but it might be a little too old school.

@malin A few suggestions:
Froggato and friends (platformer).
Metropolis (think old school sim city).
Braid (platformer).
World of Goo (storyline tower building).
Might and Magic series (first person RPG)
Lords of Magic (Top down Turn based strategy RPG, but kind of unlike many others in this category).
Older "Elder Scrolls" games (Probably the most famous first person RPGs of all time)
F.L.A.R.E. (technically just a game engine, but the included demo campaign is really cool, isometric RPG).

Its not exactly the genres I play but of she likes both horror and cute stuff maybe Doki Doki Literature Club?

Pretty sure it runs via SteamPlay though~. I think its even one of the officially supported SteamPlay games.
Unless you also dont want Proton.

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