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FOSS is political, but also kinda weird.

Most political viewpoints have nay-sayers, but you don't get people who say 'code should be hidden'. Nobody loves Windows - they put up with it. Nobody says it's great that all governments have their computers controlled by a single, foreign corporation.

It's 100% 'raising awareness' and 0% antagonism.

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Trying to find an open source period tracking app for a friend with an iPhone, but I don't think there is one out there.

Seems a shame, as all the basics of the app can be done locally - it's just a calendar and some simple sums.

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Just saw someone saying "I found a bug", got a random urge to put ASCII art insects into comments in my code.

Debunking videos let you pretend you're a scientist when you actually loved being a hater.

Git uses a tree metaphor, but the way the branches return and intertwine, we should probably compare it to seaweed.

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If you ever feel bad about never finishing some specific task at work just remember that the windows 7 control panel is still the only way to do a bunch of things even though they "replaced" it in 2012

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New blog post: Two Years of Life with PinePhone

It has a weird title and is too long, but I still hope you will enjoy reading it!

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Android is a nightmare and everything keeps changing.

Anyone have a good generic rooting method which works in 2022?

Anyone else still answer their cell phone by stating their own name, like in the Victorian era?

An article on a Turkish municipality migrating to Linux. It's nice to see a realistic article, mentioning the benefits, the theoretical sovereignty issues, and the practical problems with the lack of Active Directory and CAD.

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"I have a complex relationship with my friend - I'm real, they're imaginary."

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Tip: If you want well-sourced, non-commercial info on plants and gardening/farming techniques, especially in the US, include the word "extension" in your search terms. That will prioritize results from the Cooperative Extension Service.

€40 customs processing just to let them know how much they will charge (about €20-200, no rules apparently), plus a boat-load of paperwork, all to get a phone delivered.

This is why sensible people in Serbia do everything illegally.

Anyone else get annoyed at how stupid URLs are?

The logical ordering is clearly:
but we get

... and then IT people get mad when old people get tricked by a phishing scam which came from

It's like posting to
Baker Street
Flat 3/1
United Kingdom

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