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FOSS is political, but also kinda weird.

Most political viewpoints have nay-sayers, but you don't get people who say 'code should be hidden'. Nobody loves Windows - they put up with it. Nobody says it's great that all governments have their computers controlled by a single, foreign corporation.

It's 100% 'raising awareness' and 0% antagonism.

I figure if I can't remember how important the order of operations is after a decade, I'm just never going to.

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Torrent Sites: WE SEE YOUR IP

Yes, you do, and you'll note I'm in Serbia, so good luck with that.

I got so confused when people said they 'had a Discord server'.

Apparently that's lies. None of them have a Discord server. They have an account.

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Fortunately I rarely see it on this platform, but...

...I always think people who expect corporations to have a moral company are a special kind of naive.

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My lock picking kit.

All it took was two bobby pins to open a dead bolt with a lost key.

Took 2 minutes with no experience. Makes you wonder about security.

Could we go back to saying 'humanity' instead of 'consumers'? is in serious need of an update.

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First officer: Here's your appointment, don't worry if it's a couple of day after your Visa expires.


So someone's had a bad day and now I'm Schroedinger's immigrant.

My backups have been tested... and failed.

Is there a way to back up a full disk image of a running server for really lazy people who can't be bothered with database replication and restoration scripts?

I'm on hour 8 of trying to figure out why my raspberry pi is dropping packets, and nothing I've looked up works.

Is there any way to brute-force this problem? Something akin to putting a short leash on a packet and following its every move?

I wish netstat wouldn't say 'ESTABLISHED' to all connections. I just saw two IPs from Vietnam 'ESTABLISHED' and almost had a heart attack till I found out it probably means they've tried and failed an ssh connection.

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i actually agree with this and i'm glad amd is getting their long overdue moment with gpus lately

Serbia is cursed with bad landlords but this guy seemed cool. Really chilled. He said he'd pick up the other items later, and that's cool but leaving all these kids toys about my room seems odd.

Also there's a key on the outside of the room with the toys. And someone smashed the glass on the inside if the room.

The copies of "Power of the subconscious" and "Excel 2003" lying about don't make things any better.

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A very happy birthday to and a huge thank you for inspiring a lifelong love of reading and much needed role model with a love of science, engineering, and compassion 🥳

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