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My work got the American holiday off where they celebrate the time the natives gave everyone turkeys, but Martin Luther King's not a recognized holiday.

I think we should compromise and replace turkeys with a Malcolm X day. It'll be a national holiday of making demands from politicians at gunpoint.

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Secure Copy Vulnerability (SCP)

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Ever sink hours into a script problem, then one day you go back to it and you find there's one missing character to blame, and conclude that it's not possible to read slowly enough to code anything ever?

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I can handle working with all the slow old people and arrogant finance sector, but I still can't get over spending an hour unblocking a site for someone who wanted to know if Mercury is in retrograde.

I could have told her it's not in retrograde, because planets don't suddenly loop back, because we're not in the centre of the solar system. And by the by, Mercury is most definitely not a star.

This person works in finance, and gives us the best argument for Cryptocurrency.

@nergal I might be the greatest modern example of how much one can do with Linux without knowing anything about computers. I can barely program HTML, but the desktop's still fast as fuck.

i3's a comfy and flexible place to live.

I'm not private, and my experience in the field, dealing with security problems, shows me that targeted security threats are rare and generally pathetic. I'm only interested in security for the masses - not the type that involves swapping pgp keys, but the type where the infrastructure itself is anti-monitoring, without any work. E.g. Mastodon. This thing's really not that secure, but the notion of attempting mass-monitoring on Mastodon seems silly.

When a farmer in my village died, they said he always ploughed a straight furrow. When I die, I hope they say that I always kept my global seed ratio to 3.

@burek My gf wrote down Serbian musicians so I could learn Serbian then I lost the document because I suck at computers. Can you give me Serbian music which has words so I don't have to get her to type things again?

Also, Merry Christmas.

@cyrillico - I've just been reading about lf (can't sleep). Looks up your street. Any thoughts?

Serbians each get a Christmas fagot, then gather them in a pyre by a church.

Gotta say, it's pretty metal.

Void linux raspberry pi has no unison, nor cowsay, but apparently it has ponysay.

I'm not in love with the priorities here - unison's a fantastic tool for a Pi. Looks like I'll have to learn rclone now.

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"In January, the EU starts running Bug Bounties on Free and Open Source Software" –

I'm getting rather tangled with all this glibc/musl, x64 vs x86_64 stuff, and now when I chroot into the Voidpi, it's pulling up a bash error, as if the rpi3 images were 32bit, when I thought they were 64.

If I download a regular Void Linux onto a Raspberry pi 3, which is 64 bit, will that work?

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