Just checking with the fediverse - am I going to be the last human using before I die?

Password protip for those with useless users to administer: tell them to stick any foreign characters they have in there. German umlauts, that weird Swedish nonsense, obscure currency symbols - anything outside of ASCII is great.

Screenshot Sunday: Arch attemp 4 on the main rig begins.

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Installing Arch: with grub-install I get WARNING: this GPT partition label contains no BIOS Boot partition.

??? There's a boot partition, I've tried with ext4 as /boot, I've tried FAT32, and people on the internet are talking about checking everything from motherboards and partition tables, to things I can't remember (this is getting depressing so I started on the beers).

Where do you search when the people on the arch forums are all over the shop?

Does anyone else who uses Windows for work feel like billing the company for the after hours maintenance and update faff onehas to deal with?

Upgraded to Ubuntu 18.10, machine went dead.

Turns out the power chord just has a wicked sense of timing.

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html devs: html tells your browser what to download, and then you can download it if you would like
marketers: let's use html to tell people to download ads
users: i will install a plugin that tells my computer to not ask for the ads
marketers: THIEVERY

Anyone got RSS feed suggestions for Philosophy, Science, Linux or cats?

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What do you do when you can't sleep at night? Well, migrate your git repos from Github to Gitlab of course! .

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Does anyone else find it baffling that Microsoft sell monthly subscriptions for Office software, and some of that software is *spreadsheets*.

Global governments pay monthly and per-head for technology we've had since the 70's. How did this happen?

Ever notice people trying to show how enlightened they are by shutting down comparison debates by saying 'all tools are good for their own thing'?

I've decided to call this techno-Leibnitzianism - the de facto belief that all tech has achieved perfection already, and nothing comes from sheer ignorance.

Void linux forums down. Never a dull day.

@cyrillico - I've been using Screen for detached terminal sessions on the Pi, but you mentioned something else which daemonizes things. What was it?

I just had a nightmare that I got a laptop back from a friend and they're added an Apple-themes start bar and desktop icons to my i3.

...gonna stop messing with the configs for a while.

I have a fundamental misunderstanding about signatures work - hopefully someone can enlighten me.

Sites post their software, and their signatures, as if to say 'This is really our software, and we haven't been hacked, look at the signature'.

If someone's website was taken over, couldn't the attacker also change the checksums as well as software? Shouldn't signatures and software be held on different sites entirely?

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"My Linux brings all the boys to the yard, I could teach you, but I use Arch."

- My girlfriend's summary of recent installation.

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