My dad's all excited because he just got pickpocketed in Serbia by a gypsy.

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Sometimes I search and download random stuff from the AUR, then just remove it because it's not useful.

I always feel a tiny pang of guilt for taking up someone's resources.

Who on earth is hosting all these high-speed services with all the things in the world? I don't even recall seeing a single donation request.

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I hate my phone. My other 4 machines do what they're told. The older ones get less to load.

I don't know my own username on my phone. I can't install the software want. It keeps doing things I don't want, and it tells me I can't install the crap I don't want on it.

New or old, phones are awful.

Anyone know a command-line mp3 tag editor that doesn't need a quarter gigabyte of dependencies?

Looks like my pi's external hard drive's dead. Any suggestions on the cheapest possible external storage?

Anyone managed to get a proper HUD working on i3?

3 failed attempts so far - surely there's more demand for additional keyboard support in i3.

I don't know what electron is but it's sure heavy on resources.

Me at the start of IT:
"Engineers need to stop complaining about helping people with computers. That is *literally* our job."

Me now:

"People who embed images in .docx files before sending them should be classed as a sub-human race so we can round them up and administer a lethal injection."

I can't find a practical difference between runnit and systemd. I run the same things on both and they work the same with slightly different commands.

Screen's still stuttering and one monitor still mostly-dead. But the
Radeon RX 550/550X graphics card's done fine virtualizing Windows.

BIOS for M5A99X EVO R2.0
motherboard is latest version (2501) but someone online's suggested using BIOS settings could be an issue. Is it okay if I've installed Arch with the legacy option? Could graphics card options be solved by reinstalling with UEFI options?

Luke Smith has to be the strangest and most disappointing part of learning Linux.

Video 1: Look at the shiny desktop!

Video 2: Look at this super-fast terminal app!

Video 5: Millenials are silly *shakes fist at damned kids*, but let's get back to that terminal.

Video 6: You know how difficult it is for white people nowadays, but let's have a look at neomutt.

Video 50: Interacial marraige was a mistake.

The Serbian phrase "Sam zaostao" both means "I'm old fashioned" and "I'm an idiot".

Pscircle - shows running processes on your desktop, ararnged to look like the eye of Sauron.

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