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FOSS is political, but also kinda weird.

Most political viewpoints have nay-sayers, but you don't get people who say 'code should be hidden'. Nobody loves Windows - they put up with it. Nobody says it's great that all governments have their computers controlled by a single, foreign corporation.

It's 100% 'raising awareness' and 0% antagonism.

transmission-remote reports `success` when it understands the command, but the command has failed.

Am I the asshole here, or is this poor standards?

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Dear old people:

People aren't ignoring your voicemail, they're ignoring all voicemessages.

Don't leave voicemail.

gf's asking me to install Sims again and can only find dodgy online copies.

Is there a simple way to do maximum sandbox, while still getting access to the GPU, so that I can run random isos without my machine getting cancer?


30 degrees to 6 degrees in one day.

Autumn doesn't fall here, it suplexes.

The more I ask about nuclear plants, the less happy I am.

I feel like if I push on someone will eventually tell me they're running Norton antivirus.

Conference review so far;

Someone scraped every female tinder user's data in Sweden because it has a public API. ( or findable without creds, same thing)

Nuclear power plants are not network isolated.

Someone hacked American elevator phones, then left me the phone which he connected to them, so I've been telling randomers I'm the FBI but couldn't actually talk due to drunken engineers in the background.

German hacker giving a talk, and every question he takes he's drinking a rakija with the asker.

That's an svg file displayed on the right... which you can view as text.

I'm thinking you can do a full git diff on an image, and also make a full book, with imaes, in 100% plantext. How cool is that?

Negative Documentation:

A new phrase I'm making, for those times when there's documentation, the documentation is wrong, and you spend an additional 3 hours trying to decypher the mess before finding out that 0 documentation is not the worst possible state of affairs.

A client's been hit with dharma, and I can't even run things. I presume that means the server's the original point where the malware was run as C:\Program Files items are encrypted, but if nothing's working, including start and Task Manager, how on earth can I find the .exe that's causing this?

I have no idea what I'm doing.

The tabletop RPG now has SVGs, so it's possible to do a git diff on an image.

I'm thinking of destroying all the history. There's something filthy about the notion of a load of binary blobs getting diff'd all down the chain.

I've always been uncomfortable with the fact that academic journals have section numbers such as 2.12, so I've just decided that journal sections are indeed numbered, and they're numbered in base aleph, so decimals have no business rolling over.

There goes an arch install....

Maybe I shouldn't have encrypted everything without understanding how encryption works.

Any time I find a task that a I used to do by hand, but can now do by command line, I end up staring at it, slightly hypnotized by the fact that I'm just seeing the work happening.

It might not have saved me any time, but it's nice to be lazy.

C'mere you little shit. WHY WON'T YOU COMPILE PROPERLY?

> Error


> Error

> Overfull hbox

The boxes are fine. Stop blaming the boxes. You're the problem here.

PSA: Incomplete error messages are the devil.

Grant new levels of 'technically correct' today. I've just cited Alien^3, then a footnote number for the citation.

I kind of feel like all those years of uni bottled up, and I'm ready for someone to correct me just so I can say "Who's citations need improving now, eh?".

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