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FOSS is political, but also kinda weird.

Most political viewpoints have nay-sayers, but you don't get people who say 'code should be hidden'. Nobody loves Windows - they put up with it. Nobody says it's great that all governments have their computers controlled by a single, foreign corporation.

It's 100% 'raising awareness' and 0% antagonism.

Got a new job doing HR.

Possibly the only HR person who looks after two servers as part of the job.

I've found an AUR package with a missing dependency.

On the website, I'm trying to request it be added, but the options present are 'deletion request', 'orphan request', and 'merge request', none of which I want to do.

What am I doing wrong?

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I tell have a crontab with:

0 * * * * /usr/bin/ssh name@host 'who' > ~/log

Today it gave me an output for the first time, but I wasn't online at the time.
Was someone that machine, or can 'who' show output when nobody's on the machine?

Detective dramas of the future will have the murderer knicking someone else's electronics in order to frame them.

I wish caffeine had a faster onset time.

I'm countering being tired all morning, now it's 7pm and I feel like I've just piqued.

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As more users turn to Tor, the network needs to scale to match the demand.

Thanks to Zcash Foundation for helping fund our scalability solution, Walking Onions, with a grant to help the Tor network scale in a meaningful way.


Adobe Sign: $34 per month, per person.

Apparently that's how much people value not typing 'gpg --sign my_file.odt', because I'm seeing zero benefits to the paid version of this brand new wheel.

And this year's award for worst password requirements goes to Zoom.

Steps to repeat:
Put in a password with spaces. It won't tell you there's a problem, it'll just quietly remove the spaces without telling you.

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Devin Townsend - Planet Rain #np

When the world ends this song will play

Just had a conversation with a family member who's a member of a local council. She told me about how they were doing electronic voting, which was safe because she 'witnessed the transfer'.

A stern lecture followed.

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US pol, that fucking Iowa Caucus App 

Anyone else find themself squeezing and mangling an address into websites?

Just gimme a box that says 'Address'. Give it multiple lines.

No, I don't have a house number. No zip code either.
No, this one's not in a city.

Where do I put the 'by that town' line? The postal services need it because nobody knows where the address is.

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I work in IT which is the reason this house has:

- mechanical windows
- mechanical door locks
- no Alexa/HomeKit/Google
- no Internet connected thermostats, lamps, or whatnots
- a dumb TV
- wall switches for lights

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My first exclusive video on my PeerTube exclusive channel @fediversal

The Fediverse after three years - Welcome to Fediversal Studios

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