Just noticed there is a face in the IHOP logo

Migrating our datacenter to some Nexus 9Ks with beautiful Nexus Fabric Manager. Be changing interfaces in the browser, yo.

Bourbon Street imperial Stout is OK but not at the level of glorious Kentucky Ale Bourbon Barrel Stout

Good news though for my work today, a strict Microsoft Shop. We finally replaced our Microsoft FTP server (a nightmare) with SFTP, running Ubuntu 16.04.02 LTS. Small Victories.

Our COM200 DirecTV thing not streaming video to our Cisco Edge Digital Signage. Exchange crapping out and Meraki WAPs misbehaving on the WPA2 Enterprise to TACACS+. Is it 5pm yet?

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Where's Garfield? I wanna argue about who hates Mondays more.

Being audited by Microsoft at work, in the meeting with my laptop running Ubuntu Budgie, and all I'm thinking about is gnu.org/philosophy/proprietary

Hello, Ive just joined. Seen this mastodon was available from @Kernellinux announcement on Reddit.


Linux geeks doing what Linux geeks do...