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It makes me very happy to be the (temporary) owner of the (now) POPE VOLTAGE community website! Space Raiders for the win!

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@lykwydchykyn I don't think you published that right.

On the other hand I just found out I have a bunch of old videos from I was messing around with youtube 10 years ago...

A new "one-weekend-recording", featuring VCVRack, the octatonic scale, and death!

Wow... my home timeline is empty. Where did everybody go??

I've spent the better part of the last two days at work trying to reinstall OSX on a 2008 imac I inherited at work. Apple seems to go out of its way to make this impossible.

This is a rude contrast to the world of operating systems that bend over backwards to make it easy to install any version on any hardware. You've spoiled me, Linux....

Slow week; updating my website from it's awful 2002-ish look to something even more grotesque. Having fun improving my javascript, css, and svg skills by avoiding any kind of JS library or bitmapped image.

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"Linux Thursday - Somewhat Linux-y Edition" - Lunduke Hour - June 1, 2017. With special guest: The Linux Gamer.

I don't see how the federated timeline is going to scale (from a user standpoint, not technical) in the long run:

1. With a significant number of users, the signal-to-noise ratio decreases.

2. As more languages are represented, the chance of seeing a post you can understand diminishes.

3. Unmoderated content always turns into a cesspool. Been on the net since the days of gopher and this has never changed.

Ok, well, I'm here on Mastodon with my beard. Rock on.


Linux Geeks doing what Linux Geeks do..