Anyone running Ubuntu 18.04 with Nvidia+ intel and having issues with system responsiveness

What's some open source accessibility technology that I can use?

I've started playing Assassin's Creed 2 while doing my cardio recently, and for a game that so obviously wants to be Prince of Persia, it does a pretty terrible job with the free running. At least in the Sands of Time I knew what I did wrong, Ezio feels so sluggish by comparison and will frequently go flying off in some unknown direction.

Seems to be due to some sort of command queue that jest loves screwing up what you're trying to do

Every time I see updates on the , I get so excited and hope that it can be a successful alternative, however niche, to Android and iOS.

Let's see if I cave and end up pre-ordering the thing this year!

Hi everyone! I'm from the UK, and relatively new to both Mastodon and Linux - the younger more naive me had no idea how booting his first Linux distro would have him questioning all sorts of notions of liberty in the modern world. Very happy to be here!

finally running after about a year of not using it man its waaayy better

I've decided I'm going to do live streams once a day on twitch :D

Just completely ditched my Spotify Account for a self hosted libresonic instance. One less proprietary and DRM infested piece of software on my computer! Feels good. 😎

sudo apt FML

MATE Kernel panic

backup arch box in place

No worries I will fix you my little friend...

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Linux4Hope, a nonprofit organization that provides free computers powered by Linux to those in need. They install a fresh Linux-based operating system, ensuring that all personal data is wiped. Then, deliver the computer to someone who needs it --->

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