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My 2020 predictions:

1. I made this prediction in 2019 and I'll make it now for 2020; there will be a major anti cheat breakthrough in Steam Play

2. Stadia will explode and publishers will get on board, and Valve will announce a streaming service

3. Pinephone will carve out a nice market niche

4. Purism will be no more by the end of the year

5. Pop OS 20.04 LTS will be excellent

6. I will sink 100s of hours into Last Epoch

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Back to give Mastodon another chance. Only gonna use it as a geek out place this time. I don't have the energy to get involved in drama or controversy

Heavy stoner groove

Baleful Creed - Seismic Shifter
Discover "Seismic Shifter" by Baleful Creed on Deezer

Telling non techie people to ditch Google and use Nextcloud instead 🤦‍♂️

May as well tell your gran to ditch Windows and install Gentoo.

Sad that Phoronix have still not updated the article with the rather mundane explanation for Feral's compulsory strike. Credit to GOL who did so very quickly

So you all see my online persona and you probably think "there is no way he can be that weird in the real world".

I can assure you I am exactly this weird in the real world.

It's a shame the Elvis Presley version of this song is the most well known. I prefer this

Big Mama Thornton - Hound Dog

People trying Salient OS and Manjaro with a brand spanking new release.

Its a shame I am scared of all things Arch related.

Still, it curbs the distro hopping urge.

I now recommend all linux users dual boot with Windows for one simple reason: booting into Windows to play a game will make you appreciate your linux installation all the more

Why does Calibre have to look like ass? Great software but looks shit. Worst thing is there is no other ebook application with the same functionality

This is why so many people don't take copyright seriously. This use seems like 100% fair use

First Blizzard now Bethesda. This is getting stupid now

Bethesda pulls its games from Nvidia's streaming service GeForce Now •

OK these storms every weekend are getting tiresome now. Hurry up and bring in summer so we can all complain about how hot it is instead

Since all the cool kids are doing it here's my

@hamishtpb a grumpy auld chap who sometimes streams games he hates for our amusement

@ChrisWere Good open source citizen and can sometimes be a monster on live streams not his own

@HexDSL youtuber and twitch dude extraordinaire

@uoou monster

@ozoned fellow weirdo

Note to self: don't read comments on any article about Google Stadia

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Linux feels like home to millions of people. As Linux users, we should welcome others into our home. But being welcoming should not include locking people in a proverbial cage and shaming them for leaving the house!

I have bought too many Windows games to play via Proton to risk losing access if Proton ever goes tits up

Installed Windows 10 alongside Solus today. Excited about being able to finish Tokyo Xanadu finally

Also bought Division 2 on Uplay

Now an unapologetic dual booter

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"Welcome /home" doesn't mean locking someone in a cage and shaming them for it.

My new video:

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