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My 2020 predictions:

1. I made this prediction in 2019 and I'll make it now for 2020; there will be a major anti cheat breakthrough in Steam Play

2. Stadia will explode and publishers will get on board, and Valve will announce a streaming service

3. Pinephone will carve out a nice market niche

4. Purism will be no more by the end of the year

5. Pop OS 20.04 LTS will be excellent

6. I will sink 100s of hours into Last Epoch

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Back to give Mastodon another chance. Only gonna use it as a geek out place this time. I don't have the energy to get involved in drama or controversy

What's the linux version of the "delete system32" troll?

"sudo rm -rf /"?

Few things make you realise how out of shape you are like two consecutive days building a shed

All the nonsense outrage about tracking in incognito mode when even the slightest bit of research tells you exactly what incognito mode is and how it was never designed to stop web tracking.

It was designed to hide your porn history from your spouse, not your Web activity from Google

If Mint doesn't like snaps because they "push Ubuntu" maybe they should go the whole hog and ditch the Ubuntu repos and go with their Debian edition

I've been thinking of buying an acoustic guitar to learn some music but I might actually buy a tin whistle and take that up again. I used to enjoy playing Irish tunes as a child

If I were a linux gaming content creator getting abuse for covering Google Stadia I swear I would double down on covering Stadia

So this is what Twitter now looks like on both Firefox and Chromium with my adblocker enabled

I don't know if its the GloriousEggroll proton, the latest game patch, the Steam shader pre/background caching, or all of the above but Last Epoch feels buttery smooth with far fewer frame drops than I used to have

This is dangerous. Google should not be the judge of website quality

Google unveils new system for measuring your website's quality

The truth is the only true "just works" solution for gaming is the one PC gamers like to make fun of. This is why I was a console gamer most of my life

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You know the whole "Windows is better for gaming because it just works" thing? Well apparently people are experiencing issues with Phantasy Star Online 2 and one of the fixes involves opening a command prompt. You gotta love that

Bet this kills openaudible as far as converting books to a common format is concerned.

Audible moving to Enhanced Format for audiobooks

In fact we had several high profile stories about Linux versions of games being pulled

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Inconvenient truth: "native" Linux ports of games started tailing off before proton was a thing. I remember that year and up until proton high profile game news was drying up

Ethan Lee: Troubling Times for Porters in a Proton World

Everyone else degoogling their lives and I have just switched from Dropbox to Google Drive.

I like that I can log into my Google account from Gnome and have it show as a mountable drive without installing anything extra

There is no such thing as a "guilty pleasure" or "liking it ironically" when it comes to music, books, TV or film. You just like it so wear it proudly.

This is a cool podcast if indie video games are your thing

Here’s a show for you… Get Indie Gaming Podcast 004 - Where Did It All Start? episode of Get Indie Gaming

Not all cookies are bad. Some sites use then ethically

Yes, This Site Uses Cookies, Because Nearly All Sites Use Cookies, And We're Notifying You Because We're Told We Have To

2009 linux: conky, screenlets, compiz and emerald themes

Good times

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