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My 2020 predictions:

1. I made this prediction in 2019 and I'll make it now for 2020; there will be a major anti cheat breakthrough in Steam Play

2. Stadia will explode and publishers will get on board, and Valve will announce a streaming service

3. Pinephone will carve out a nice market niche

4. Purism will be no more by the end of the year

5. Pop OS 20.04 LTS will be excellent

6. I will sink 100s of hours into Last Epoch

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Back to give Mastodon another chance. Only gonna use it as a geek out place this time. I don't have the energy to get involved in drama or controversy

Your opinions that will get your metalhead cred revoked? Go!
-Nickelback are not terrible
-Taylor Swift is a great singer and song writer
-I love country music
-I enjoy Hootie and the Blowfish
-I never liked Metallica

Say it with me, automated content moderation and filtering is all terrible

Content Moderation At Scale Is Impossible: Twitter Locks Accounts For Fact Checking The President

I've been enjoying Vivaldi a lot this past week or so and I think I will make it my primary browser.

I know I know, "evil Chromium". The browser is good, don't @ me

-snaps are undeniably good for the linux ecosystem (as are flatpaks)
-its ok to also use Windows and Mac
-I don't like compiling software
-Arch is overrated
-linux should NOT hurt

Kinda sad (and a little worrying) how long it has been since I got truly excited over a piece of native linux gaming news. I honestly can't remember the last time.

All the exciting news seems to be all around WINE/Proton/cloud gaming

It is a sad day for Northern Ireland with the passing of John Hume. He was one of the key architects of the Good Friday Agreement, I would actually argue that it would not have happened without him. He was also a key figure in the civil rights movement in the 60s and 70s

I don't think I can sacrifice user experience in my software choices anymore. I have been using Vivaldi for a while now and I know it is not fully open source but it has actually been a better web browsing experience than Firefox

It pains me to say this because I want Firefox to be the best web browser but I honestly think Vivaldi may be better

Interesting. The linux version of this game (from that big bundle) is distributed as an appimage

Steam's solution to this is far more fair than the likes of Netflix who just hard block you from watching content with a VPN connected

Changing your country on Steam has been made harder to battle VPNs


Although every time I look at my payslip I feel like I been mugged. No one earning 24k a year should be losing£400-500 a month in tax/national insurance

Seeing games developed on linux makes me more excited than seeing games developed on Windows or Mac for linux

Trans exclusionary "feminists" are not nice people. I got called a misogynist today for disagreeing with one and seeking empirical evidence that violence against women by people identifying as trans is a widespread problem

Why do we elevate the opinions of others based on how many internet followers they have? Why do they get labelled "influencers"? They are just human, like you and I; they just give their opinions on a topic, like you and I.

We need a better word than "influencer". I don't believe the opinions of one person should be elevated above the opinions of another. I don't believe one person's opinions are worth more than any other person.

From le birdsite

Seems people are mad at Owen Jones for a Guardian editor putting the wrong image on his article

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