Today Linux Journal shut its doors for good. All staff were laid off and the company is left with no operating funds to continue in any capacity...


I subscribed for a long time. I even bought the digital archive when it seemed as if it was going to disappear last time. Any way to get that done one last time? I can't thank you enough for the good that you have done for the world of open source software and journalism. I wish you and the team all the best of luck.

@linuxjournal A very sad story. I'll muss you!

BTW, I guess my money is lost, right?

Thank you and the team for all your hard work. I've enjoyed & learned from everything you've written that I read!
Foss Post are accepting guest posts 😀
All the best for the future.

@linuxjournal Any chance you'll upload everything to the wayback machine @ At least the public stuff?

@linuxjournal really bad news, missing in action :blobugh:

thanks 4 your work, very helpfully!

@linuxjournal I guess Doc's plans didn't exactly work. How sad.

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