Every few years a new term is coined within the computer industry—big data, machine learning, agile development, Internet of Things, just to name a few. You'd be forgiven for not knowing them all.

Some of these are new ideas. Some are refinements on existing ideas. Others still are simply notions we've all had for a long time, but now we have a new word to describe said notions.

Which brings us to a topic we cover in depth in this latest issue of Linux Journal: DevOps.

@omnipotens @linuxjournal in 11 years has there been anything new? Or buzzword renames? Name something "new" in the past 11 years and I could probably tell you the predecessor that got a buzzy rename.

@nergal @linuxjournal To be honest I have been in IT 20+ years and from my view the buzz words is more of a recent advent as IT has became more mainstream. When I first started we use to call things what they did. Now we have words like cloud which really has no meaning other than other peoples hardware. Those are what I consider buzz words.

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