Photography and Linux
Hollywood has begun to embrace open source. photography software, like Linux itself, is quietly making in-roads in the professional photo industry.

I use Linux exclusively for my professional freelance video work! Try use as much FOSS software at my day job as possible too, Blender, GIMP, etc!

@linuxjournal not sure of photography but I heard that Linux was pretty heavy in use in the film industry. Esp using tweaked kernels to render the movies we all love.

@linuxjournal I read something a long time ago about Pixar using Linux software. I haven't followed up on that.

@linuxjournal a bit unfortunate that the screenshot is of Qimage One, which is proprietary and only runs on macOS and Windows ;)

That was the only closed-source software in the list though, and there's some apps there I need to check out, thanks!

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