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Kubernetes Identity Management: Authentication
You've deployed , but now how are you going to get it into the hands of your developers and admins securely?

Puppet Redefines Infrastructure Automation
Linux Journal's Petros Koutoupis sits down with Puppet's Max Waxman to discuss how Puppet is evolving and positioning itself to tackle enterprise-grade problems.

Linux Journal ASCII Art Contest
Do you have l33t ASCII/ANSI art skillz? Your work could grace the cover of Linux Journal! Read on for details: @bryanlunduke

Today we celebrate the ones who are responsible for connecting the little pieces of our lives.

What The @#$%&! (Heck) is this #! (Hash-Bang) Thingy In My Bash Script
You've seen it a million times—the hash-bang (#!) line at the top of a script—whether it be Bash, Python, Perl or some other scripting language. And, I'm sure you know what its purpose is: it specifies the script interpreter that's used to execute the script. But, do you know how it actually works?

Password Manager Roundup
If you can remember all of your , they're not good passwords. Join Shawn Powers as he explains and reviews password managers.

A computer club at a Hmong charter school in known as the Asian Penguins have taken up the charge of teaching free and software (like ) to the next generation of computer users.

Deep Dive Collection, Volume 1
We put together a collection of our last year's worth of Deep Dive articles -- over 800 pages! We've created EPUB and MOBI versions for your reading (we didn't create a PDF as frankly an 800+ page PDF gets a bit unruly to navigate).

You can follow the link below to download your free copy (only an e-mail address required and we DO NOT share or sell addresses/names/anything). We hope you enjoy.

25 Years Later: Interview with Linus Torvalds
Linux Journal's very first issue featured an interview between LJ's first Publisher, Robert Young (who went on to co-found Red Hat among other things), and Linus Torvalds (author of the Linux kernel). After 25 years, we thought it'd be interesting to get the two of them together again.

FOSS Project Spotlight: Daylight Linux Version 3
Daylight Linux is the only official distribution for the Raspberry Pi to work with the Fluxbox interface. With Fluxbox, Daylight Linux is one of the lightest and fastest distributions for all Raspberry Pi models.

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Spy Games: the NSA and GCHQ Offer Their Software to the Open Source Community
Spies worth their salt are generally expected to be good at keeping secrets. With dead drops, encryption, cyanide pills and the like, openly sharing useful information isn’t supposed to be a part of the job description.


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