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*Linux Laptop Wiki [Rebooted]*

The aim of the website is to provide a central wiki to post experiences with Linux on the model of laptop / notebook you're using. is an attempt to 'reboot' the abandoned and spammed linlap dot com which is now unusable.

Please consider participating on building a new "HQ" sending in your model / experiences!

Any help appreciated!

don [at]


Want to liberate yourself from the clutches of Google / Youtube?

Support the development of PeerTube, if possible, as the push for version 3 functionality is ongoing!

Here's the basic roadmap plan of funding points:

Global search


Plugins & Playlists
(Aug. - Sept.)

Live streaming
(Oct. - Nov.)

Let's make this happen 👍


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It seems like our new laptop model BA15 is fairly popular right now and the web shop is slightly overwhelmed as well.
Thanks, Hackernews! 😉

(We're working on it, of course.)

Creating music / other audio?

* Ardour 6.0 released! *

Ardour is OPEN SOURCE yet a premium class digital audio workstation.

-full latency compensation throughout

-global varispeed support, cue monitoring

-MIDI workflow improvements

-better plugin management

-ALSA back-end improvements for Linux audio engineers

-native recording format support for FLAC

-better HiDPI user-interface support


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Again, if you are able: please support this amazing work for a free mobile Linux eco system ==>

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Ubuntu Touch / Unity 8 (Lorimi) / PineTab.

The progress on develoment showcase NOW!

Take a look people ==>

Ubuntu Touch OTA-12 release: switch to Unity 8 (Lomiri) * finally *

Ubports continues with a fantastic effort and indeed now Unity 8 is ready for end-users.

Home screen, dash, and various other user-interface improvements.

New version of Mir /w working Wayland support.


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Let's do the final fight.

Castlevania:Lords Of Shadow, Hardest difficulty, Linux Proton [BLIND] [ENG/FIN] [18+]


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It seams like Wayland (Sway) is less memory intensive compared to X11 (i3wm)!

The future is coming baby!

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For now, game is 7/10

Castlevania:Lords Of Shadow, Hardest difficulty, Linux Proton [BLIND] [ENG/FIN] [18+]


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You don't want to miss 171! This week Jill ( joined us and it's such a fun episode!

Jill's cheerful attitude and awesome computer collection will keep you smiling the whole time, just like we did! 😄🐧

A musical piece in honor of Linux creator: "Linus Said".

I think this is by the openSUSE team?

"Linus said that it was open..." Good stuff!


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#SailfishOS 3.3.0 Rokua adds native support for @nextcloud accounts. The support includes the most comprehensive collection of features available so far with any integrated account, including backups, contacts, calendar, images and notifications.
#Jolla #Linux #Nextcloud

Get rid of Google / Android!

The premium mobile Linux OS creators Jolla: Sailfish X License Discount.

To celebrate the new Sailfish OS 3.3 release, Jolla indeed offers the Sailfish X license at a discount.

€29,90 per licence for a limited time, enter code VAPPU at:


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Canonical's newly announced Managed Apps offering enables enterprises to have their apps deployed and operated by Canonical as a fully managed service freeing DevOps teams to focus on the value their apps can deliver.

Join our webinar to learn more.

Premium mobile Linux OS creators Jolla: SailfishOS 3.3.

Flatpak support!

* Nextcloud photo albums now appear on Gallery

* AMR / AMR-WB decoder support

* core components upgraded

* UI tuned up

* android-tools updated to 10.0.0+git1-1.3.1.jolla



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