@GNUxeava If I have an account on a US hosted mastodon instance the same could happen. The fediverse is as problematic in my eyes as long as identity is bound to an instance. You can not just leave your instance without starting fresh (ok there is export/import on mastodon, but you lose followers, right?)

Git is already decentralised (it's just that people don't know how to use it without fancy web interfaces I guess)

@hund are there possibilities to tile using a GUI nowadays?
I remember when I last looked into tiling WMs I had the biggest trouble to memorize these additional shortcuts to arrange windows and there was no GUI to use instead

I wanted to watch talks in that were not yet released.
Managed to get a basic ReLive implemenation for the media.ccc.de plugin of the @c3voc


Great talk on how to deal with different community standards and trolls in the fediverse:

Thx for the recommendation @sl007

@caba thx, I'll try to report some impressions here

This looks amazing: speech recognition in under 200KB RAM. Ready for embedded devices
(Apache 2 License)

@omnipotens *rub* *rub* *rub*

Here you go: tax free text massage 😉

Wanted to use a Steam controller today but the game never recognized it as first controller (though there was only 1 plugged).
`sudo modprobe -r hid_steam` did the trick. Learned it should work out of the box with kernel 4.19.6+.


Linux geeks doing what Linux geeks do...