@daftspaniel checkout pyside, which is the qt project's official bindings. LGPL licensed

@whatcraic are you thinking of Bryan Lunduke's Linux Sucks series... theres a number of them

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You, a coward: Python doesn't have a switch statement

Me, a modern-day Galileo:

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#hikari 1.0.0-rc1 is out! After a lot of work, we finally have our first release candidate! Thanks to everyone for all the help. Boosts welcome! 😺 🎉 hikari.acmelabs.space/ #FreeBSD #Linux #Wayland #wlroots

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overwhelming myself with Too Many Abstractions again

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One of these days I'm going to wake up and find my apartment completely full of yak hair

@Sinless If you are using Python 3.6+, you can use f-strings:

print(f"You are {Age}, which is {Result} days")

Software Suggestions? 

@Batcastle syncthing claims to sync symlinks already

@areppo you can use SSH keys to authenticate. Add your keys in the security settings, and then checkout with git@github.com:user/repo.git

@LibertyPaulM @ksunden I use nextcloud as my urlsource, and folders in nextcloud news make tags in newsboat.

Press t to get a list of tags, then select the one you want

Dracut is definitely there on my install, make sure its installed, but it is in the repos

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