My array is reporting 80% full. Two 1TB drives in a ZFS Mirror. Thoughts on how I go about expanding? I'm space constrained, I can fit maybe 1 additional drive in the chassis.

But I hate to think that at some point I'd find myself spending so much time managing and writing backups.

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What's your backup strategy? I'm talking about archive-style backups of massive media collections. Started sorting photos and noticed my temporary storage spot showed a concerning sign of filesystem corruption. Moving things to a 4TB External and thinking about getting more to have several copies

I''ve got two cloud instances (1vcpu, 1Gmem, 20GBlocalstorage) that I'm looking to migrate to a new provider. I'm looking to pay under $50 monthly. What providers do you folks recommend?

How do you monitor for updates for simple tools/scripts that you've cloned from git repositories?

Tried to `pip install mysqlclient` yesterday and it had a dependency on the existence of a `mysql_config` executable.

That's a `brew install` away, but I typically dislike having to install a bunch of things via brew. Love `brew,` just trust it less than linux package managers.

No idea why.

Any developers? Favorite SQLAlchemy Walkthroughs?

And for those who don't know totally works!

Man, I'm clearing through my bookmarks and am finding I need to more strictly limit what I add to pocket to "subjects I'm interested in NOW". Deleting a bunch of things that I'm not currently researching and it's frustrating.

First time seeing this (found via hackernews) so I'm reposting in case it's helpful to anyone else.

Why is accessing my phone's files via a USB cable from my Macbook Pro such a struggle in 2019? Android File Transfer is literally hanging trying to open my pictures folder.

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