One thing I forgot to mention about this: the newer style has backlit keys! They can be pretty nice to have but I'm not sure they're all that useful in the end, I usually just have the lights on.

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@wzqtparor That seems to be what most people prefer. I will probably end up putting an X220 keyboard on an X230 laptop.

@kkremitzki I think I prefer individual chicklets .. harder to get stuff stuck down in there.
@djsumdog the bigger key caps are slightly spill resistant though. they are built in such a way that some kinds of droplets can get stuck 'between' the keys which gives you a better chance to wipe it up before it seeps anywhere it shouldn't. @kkremitzki

@icedquinn @djsumdog Yeah I actually had that happen with some soda at one point, the adhesive behavior of the liquid kept it stuck to the top of the keys and I was able to put a paper towel in edge-wise to wick it up... it never got deeper into the keyboard.

@kkremitzki @djsumdog i don't know why every laptop manufacturer has decreed 'thou shalt only have chiclets.'

@kkremitzki I don't like either one of them.

The E580 that I have has a nearly perfect keyboard though

*Edit* x220 imo for the smaller but more separated keys. Harder to accidentally input the wrong key that way

@matt The X220 is the one on the bottom, I kinda mislabeled the tweet, I think you mean the one on the top? Yeah, I like having more subtle key presses too with the smaller keys.

Also the E580 looks like a hoss! I've always been torn on the use of a full ten-key on a laptop though. For e.g. heavy spreadsheet use it would be great I bet.

@kkremitzki Definitely want a bigger screen if you get a ten-key, I think mine is 15". But yeah there are times that I love having it. Ironic since my main desktop keyboard doesn't have a ten-key and i have to use a separate ten-key keyboard.

@kkremitzki neither really. The clitoris mouse sucks ass. T4X0 for me.

@kkremitzki Bottom one. Did we learn nothing from IBM (PCjr) and Tandy (TRS-80 Color Computer model 1) back in the 80s? Those being computers that failed primarily because they had chiclet keyboards. I even prefer the TRS-80 CoCo keyboard to modern chiclet boards

@OpenComputeDesign My guess is "no", but I wonder: there must be some reason why they've been adopted... lower manufacturing costs or something?

@kkremitzki I guess? It could also be that they look kind of more minimalist?

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