It would be interesting to have a site like Reddit, but new content only comes from RSS feeds, and it's the feeds themselves that get the upvotes

@kkremitzki might be a good idea to suggest to @newsblur -- it does has social sharing functionality but being able to upvote feeds might be nice.

@kkremitzki Nice idea, Kurt. And once it comes along, I shall check it out.

It sounds like we need to divide Reddit into places where you want popular posts (like science and imags), and places where you want commentary (like /r/latex).

Sounds like a very doable task.

@malin Well the site itself would be a feed source, with each user's comments a particular RSS feed, so you can just have an overlay of those feeds, or not, on the main site. The main idea, though, is commodification and promotion of web feeds.

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