KDevelop from is highly underrated IMO, it's a cross-platform IDE for C, C++, Python, QML/JavaScript and PHP... and it's easy to hack on with kdesrc-build!

@M33 I actually found Builder to be pretty interesting if I were to be using GTK, if I want something more minimal though, normally I use Neovim. The next-level, easy-to-use integrations and conformity to the overall desktop experience is what draws me away from nvim to IDEs.

@kkremitzki I must admit most of the time it's either vim or nano+color plugins here... 😉

Geany is for premium-luxury projects

@kkremitzki I quite like the KDE UI paradigm and it being applied to an IDE is something I'm really excited for. Problem is that I don't like any of the supported languages...

@friend It would be interesting to see what it would take to add support for a language, I don't imagine it would be too much... probably a matter of a certain feature standard in terms of integration and the whole thing being a sort of dogfood project.

@kkremitzki Hadn't that on the list until now. I did a quick drive to check if my needs get fulfilled (Python):

* Autocompletion _/
* Debugger _/
* Live Debugging with interactive console ?
* Linting / Code checks ?
* Advanced refactoring methods ?

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