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wrong lesson: modern art is worthless degeneracy that has no value

right lesson: the fact that there are people with so much disposable income that they can and do purchase things like this is shameful twitter.com/CBSNews/status/120

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I was looking into the GNU bc math library last night, I really wonder what went into the decision on what to include. Sin, cos, atan, sure. Exponential and logarithm, pretty normal. Oh yeah, while we're at it, we need an Nth-order Bessel function?! But nothing else? That's good?

Man I really want to like Bountysource but it is a serious pain in the ass to use. Pages randomly won't load but work on refresh sometimes, the page not being able to tell I'm logged in but trying to log in again sends me to the global bounty list... stuff like my screenshot... t.co/OjBSY6iIvQ

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Does anyone else find it strange to see so much modern Star Wars marketing asking kids to "choose a side"? When I was a kid, it was pretty fucking clear that there were the good guys and the genocidal fascists. Feels like crass marketing to "both-sides" a CLEAR good vs evil story

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As we do every year, Jesus and I watched ‘Muppets Christmas Carol’ last night and cried our eyes out over Tiny Tim’s death. Can you just imagine a child dying cuz their family couldn’t afford medicine? What kind of greedy monster would allow that?

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After a four year gap, here's a blog post explaining the marvels of the IfcOpenShell v0.6.0 branch blog.ifcopenshell.org/2019/12/

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In total the classes I'll need to take to be able to use things like the CNC mills and laser cutters will probably be around $200 too.

Since it's can I ask your help to support my work on open source CAD & scientific software? 2020 goal focus is FreeCAD integration w/ CAM/CNC and 3D printing, but that = material costs & restarting my local hackerspace membership of $70/mo. kwk.systems/blog/pages/donate/

Congrats to Bernd Schmidt for the final bounty of $5549!

Ceph 14.2 just got uploaded to the Debian NEW queue! Woohoo

This year I tried out the "cook your turkey upside down" technique which trades a good-looking bird for a good-tasting one by putting the fatty parts on top and the dry parts on bottom. 10/10 would recommend

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Extended BPF is a new software type and makes a fundamental change to the 50-year old kernel model. Hear what expert @brendangregg@twitter.com of says during his keynote at youtu.be/7pmXdG8-7WU via @YouTube@twitter.com

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CalculiX is used for thermomechanical finite element analysis in @FreeCADNews@twitter.com and a new version 2.16 just came out! Time to get packaging! dhondt.de/new_calc.htm

One of the many great things about @FreeCADNews@twitter.com is its Python-powered macro system, giving users boundless creative potential, such as this macro to convert a solid to a Lego model posted in the forums: forum.freecadweb.org/viewtopic

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Float copper (i.e., copper carried by glaciers) is found throughout the western Upper Peninsula of Michigan and many nearby states.
Photo: Michigan Rocks & Minerals

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