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Wanna see what's inside your Quectel EG25 that's on your @thepine64@twitter.com ?

@LukaszErecinsk1@twitter.com didn't remove any of the shielding so here I am :P

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Which means that "citizen science" in academia is little more than "mechanical turk, but without at least getting paid". One of the first digital citizen science projects - "Clickworkers" by NASA - already makes that very clear in the name of the project itself.

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Problem: Our tools can't agree on -h/-H/--help
Solution A: Rewrite them in better languages with modern ergonomics and hope for mass adoption
Solution B: Wrassle up new releases for potentially old projects, talk to communities to adopt consensus standards

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They say anyone can build a bridge that doesn't fall down, but it takes an engineer to build one that just barely doesn't. In the nascent field of software engineering, the zeitgeist's approach is searching for flawless bridges. But maybe we just need actual maintenance culture.

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Both extreme heat and air pollution have negative effects on humans, and together can be deadly.

A team of experts warns that these "double extreme" days are becoming more common, and suggest measures to slow — and potentially reverse — this trend.

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This is pretty cool, the LibreSoC team are developing an entirely open SoC based on with first pass parts due by end of this year. Love open hardware :) @OpenPOWERorg@twitter.com twitter.com/lkcl/status/127986

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Doku ... immer zuletzt 🤓 erster preview zur Box ... aka Hochwassersensor (man kann da ganz viel reinpacken: Feather MCU, Sensoren, Stromversorgung: Land, Solar, Akku ... etc)
... text kommt noch - work in progress 🤗 hackster.io/fablabeu/citizen-s

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Por fin. Completo mi robot Masaylo, Open Hardware y Open Source, con motores DC . Sensores IR y US. Módulo BT (opcional todo). Impreso en 3D. Librería propia. Para trabajar en el aula-taller. Siguelíneas y salvaobstáculos, entre otros. Adjunto libro.

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Join me and support PeerTube, a free software to take back control of your videos! joinpeertube.org

Getting ready to solder for the first time in a bit, had my iron, mat, and everything ready to go when I realized my actual solder was in storage... thought all was lost but no! I had some stashed in case of emergency

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“I love America more than any other country in the world and, exactly for this reason, I insist on the right to criticize her perpetually.” James Baldwin.

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Developing codes to form 3D ultrasound data through handheld probe tracking and stitching together of the 2D ultrasound images

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A new Langfocus video has just been released! This one is on AAVE - African American Vernacular English. I hope you find it as interesting to watch as I found it to make! youtube.com/watch?v=UZpCdI6ZKU

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