We are post-release and Debian development is unfrozen again. There are so many things I can do and want to do that just making a choice on what to poke around with on any giving evening becomes quite tough! I need a more structured way of keeping track of these tasks, and I think having it public would be good. Perhaps a Sourcehut issue tracker?

Heads up: I kinda messed up my Fediverse situation for anyone still following, I attempted to move accounts to kurt@mastodon.kwk.systems but it looks bugged, some of my followers on this account are gone but that one seems stuck at 0, even after someone told me they followed me

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Well I have seen some small baby horny toads in my life but never one this tiny. Traces of Texas reader Rowdy Brown generously sent in this nice photo of a little one that he found while working on a pipeline near Cotulla. As you can see, it's pretty dang small. Cute, too!

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There's something to be said about the suggestion that the geopolitical implications for the US of ice melting in the Arctic is that the United States should be building more icebreakers

I recently uploaded a new OpenCASCADE 7.5.0 package with several community member patches, and it's just hit Debian Testing. It looks like someone in the FreeCAD forums has found a patch that fixes some fillet crashes, so I'll be uploading that soon too.

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Mateka'te shows all of the facilities serving Club-Mate (drink:club-mate=*) that are mapped in OSM (source: weeklyosm.eu/archives/14235) matekarte.strubbl.de/#3/51.34/

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How much JavaScript do you think is in this app? What if I told you this is all done with Flask, HTML templates and CSS?

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NumPy 1.20.0 is out! The largest NumPy release to date, thanks to 180+ contributors. Enjoy type annotations, performance improvements through wider use of SIMD instructions, and much more:

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Maths stands for Mathematical Anti Telharsic Harfatum Septomin

Potentially a 9600 baud packet spotted on 432.95 MHz but I think I might have signal quality issues

I'm sitting here waiting for 1200 baud AX.25 packets to fly over the air on 145.73 MHz from my local University of Texas repeater, just caught my first one but I think I need to check my levels

Just got my , and wow, it's great. There's hardly a reason to buy an ordinary soldering iron when a USB-C powered one costs this little. I bet you could hack one of these into a hot wire anemometer that measures airflow by how fast convection cools the tip, too...

My plan for this account is to be Fediverse-first. My other account @kkremitzki is a mix of Twitter crossposting and interacting with the replies on Mastodon. This account is about exploring the technology, including using it for comments on my blog posts, like Andrej Shadura did here: blog.shadura.me/2020/12/30/blo

I'm finally running my own single-user Mastodon (joinmastodon.org/) server @kurt, what are some of your favorite accounts to follow in the Fediverse?

Twice now I have gotten an ADSB USB receiver instead of the antenna I've ordered, argh

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