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Wish there was some development I didn't need windows for.

Mostly finished up my tile viewer, though i realized when recording that the messed up quad should be the fin on top of the Flutter.

Added the option to debug and select pallets and images in the tile viewer. Next step will be to implement LOD, download, download options. And cleaning up the texture list would be good too.

Should have done this sooner. I broke up my stage viewer to view one tile at a tile, to be able to see how each one is defined.

Is there any reason to use something like MongoDB or Postgres over the standard Mysql/MariaDB option?

A little more progress on my Megaman Legends 1 stage viewer. Some textures are applied correctly, still needs a lot of fixes.

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Lineage OS with Debian desktop on Nexus and Nexus 5X. I was hoping Ubuntu touch would come to the 5X, but I might as well give this a try.

Gnome and Wayland running on a Raspberry Pi? Why did I just come across this now?

Okay, I think I finally have an idea of how the Stage Geometry is generated for Megaman Legends. The problem right now is I can't seem to find any pointers to define which quad the game is drawing for what section.

For the i3 users here, how long did it take you to get adjusted?

Created a model viewer for Megaman Legends 1. The tool can be found here: and the source can be found here:

The tools requires the original game files to be provided. Click on the "Open Files" icon, navigate to the CDDATA/DAT directory on the disk, select all of the .BIN files and click "open" to view/export models.

Supported export formats are .glb,.gltf

I guess this can count as porgress, found where Megaman Legends keeps the collision hull.

Does any one actually like the volume rockers and lock button on the same side of the phone? I generally end up locking my phone when I only meant to turn the sound down at least three times every day.

Finally found where the game stores the terrain vertices information

Are there any ARM based linux SOC's that support multiple displays?

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Just pushed a new patch to Calligra. This will improve the display of the toolbox in horizontal mode.

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