@OpenComputeDesign As a random side note I'm really hoping to see more Linux arm laptops besides the pinebook pro. Seems like there's a ton of untapped potential there.

@OpenComputeDesign I bought a Thinkpad x240. With a 6 cell the battery life is hella-long. But 12 inches is kind of small for the screen.

@EmeraldArcher Right now I'm using a Pi. I'm really tempted to maybe try a used think centre tiny.

@ChrisWere I think LBRY is home to more Foss content. I've been meaning to take a look at it.

@OpenComputeDesign MicroSD only makes sense in a cellphone where it's basically a hard drive. For most other uses I'd really like to see more full size sd cards so that I can keep track of them and print some freaking labels.

@nergal A captive touch screen might be a good idea, but the purpose of the concept is to be a Gameboy Pocket clone. I don't think that physical buttons will impact the cost too much (if it ever gets made at all).

Another open handheld concept. This one is based on the PSP with a few elements from the 2DSLL mixed in. This one included a micro-hdmi at the top to plug into a tv. A micro-usb port use it as a controller might also be a good idea.

@yisraeldov The Gameboy Color concept definitely looked better on paper. Ideally i'd like to copy the ergonomic design of the Gameboy Advance, but it's hard to replicate with my limited ability, so this ended up being more of a block diagram of what goes where.

Another Open Source handheld concept, based on the Gameboy Advance except with four face buttons and USB-C and SD cards.

@hund I think maybe the Pinebook Pro offers an ISO keyboard.

Third concept for a open source handheld based on the Gameboy Advance.

@OpenComputeDesign I'd love to play around with an SGi work station. Sure I have no where to put it, and probably wouldn't use it again after playing around for a few hours, but I still would enjoy the option to play around with one.

@OpenComputeDesign I agree, I bought a Thinkpad x240. Was able to easily upgrade the ram, ssd, screen (to full HD IPS) and battery (6 cell). It ended up costing a little more than I would like, but it's great to have custom-ability and repair-ability.

Another Open Source Handheld concept. Basically a clone of a Gameboy Color.

@OpenComputeDesign I'd really like to have an e-ink display on something like this, except the refresh rate is terrible. And the ascetic on monochrome when done right looks amazing.

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