@kagoml @LibertyPaulM It's an exageration to show contrast. There shouldn't be any reason to limit the discoverability of the plugin in the first place.

@LibertyPaulM @kagoml What's the grounds that it should be removed at all violate any guidelines? It's not "banned", but they took steps to severely limit the usability, discoverability and ease of use to make it as difficult as possible for people to freely express themselves where they couldn't before.

"Oh the book wasn't banned, it was removed from Amazon, every relater in america, every library. but it wasn't banned. You can still get a copy is you order it directly from the author in Utah"

@kagoml @LibertyPaulM And generally the reason that people aren't happy with Mozilla is because people see firefox as the alternative to Chrome. And if mozilla is going to ban an extension that lets anyone express an opinion on any page of the internet, then it doesn't reflect well on their stance for a "free and open internet"

@Keedred If you're going to use XFCE, you should take a look at the "sakura" terminal. It doesn't leave any space around the edge when being snapped to the left or right of the screen.


14. Hire a shaman to purify the office
15. Refuse to leave your house
16. Pretend your problems don't exist
17. Blame your problems on another group of people
18. Naked yoga
19. Cut yourself
20. Watch Evangaleon for the seventh time
21. Purchase more waifu pillows

@LibertyPaulM There are plenty of alternatives to chose from.

1. Curl up in a ball and cry
2. Eat your problems away
3. Constantly whine and bitch to anyone who will listen
4. Let the pain each at you from the inside forever
5. Yell in futility at the sky
6. Alcohol
7. Excessive amounts of medication
8. Go postal
9. Join a fight club
10. Sacrifise chickens to Baphomet
11. Kill a goat and bathe in its blood
12. Perform ritual sacrifice on the company printer
13. Join a religeous cult

@codythedragonrude I went from 90kg to 80kg, it makes a massive difference.

@Batcastle Is that a python issue, or an issue with what ever library framework you're using for the textbox?

@Unairedspecifics I think the lack of color is a plus. Would be great to try running a gameboy emulator on it.

LXDE on Kindle, the refresh rate isn't as bad as I imagined it would be. Might have to give it an attempt sometime:


@hund Another qutebrowser recommendation, I'll definitely have to check this out.

@Nesaijn Nice to see some recommendations for brave. Though after trying it, it says that kernel 4.9 doesn't support sandboxing.

Working on some pso tools. Need to add animated meshes into the scene.

@bennydarshan Gnome web is one of the better FOSS browsers I've tried. The HUGE address bar seems kind of out of place.

@OpenComputeDesign @codythedragonrude Didn't know Falkon was a thing, I'll give it a try tonight. I like Midori, but it can't seem to play youtube videos.

Outside of chrome and firefox, which browser would you recommend?

Started playing around with animations in blender. Next step is to try and figure out what format blender expects the fcurves to be in, but for right now, at least it recognizes there is an animation and that the mesh is being deformed.

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