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Textures working now? They might have actually been working before, it took me a while to figure out how to get textures to show up in the object viewer.

Got basic mesh imports working on blender. Trying to implement textures, but it looks like the devs decided to change the syntax and not tell anybody:

Key framed animations ended up working. The issue i had was that Noesis expects scale to be passed in as a single float value, when using a vec3, it needs a parameter to identify it. Other than the 'w' quaternion value needed be flipped. But minor fixes and we got animation.

Finally got bones working in Noesis. Originally i was going to use the separated translate, rotate and scale transformations for each bones, but ended up using a matrix, which not only worked, but worked better. We'll see how key framed animations go.

Wish there was some development I didn't need windows for.

Added the option to debug and select pallets and images in the tile viewer. Next step will be to implement LOD, download, download options. And cleaning up the texture list would be good too.

Should have done this sooner. I broke up my stage viewer to view one tile at a tile, to be able to see how each one is defined.

A little more progress on my Megaman Legends 1 stage viewer. Some textures are applied correctly, still needs a lot of fixes.

Okay, I think I finally have an idea of how the Stage Geometry is generated for Megaman Legends. The problem right now is I can't seem to find any pointers to define which quad the game is drawing for what section.

Created a model viewer for Megaman Legends 1. The tool can be found here: and the source can be found here:

The tools requires the original game files to be provided. Click on the "Open Files" icon, navigate to the CDDATA/DAT directory on the disk, select all of the .BIN files and click "open" to view/export models.

Supported export formats are .glb,.gltf

Finally found where the game stores the terrain vertices information

Still a few places to fill in, but I generally have the layout of Megaman Legends psx user memory:

The Threejs gltf exporter has been updated to support animations. So models exported from as gltf now have the animtions included in the file.

And then in addition to MDT files, the game also uses .STG files which
use indices to define the geometry for each title. The problem is I'm having a hard time tacing back to where the geometry is defined for the indices.

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In terms of memory, the Playstation has 1MB of graphical memory which has the sreen buffer and textures.

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Next steps on site redesign:
1. Set css rules for links
2. Add links to other subdomains
3. Add links to various libraries


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