Outside of chrome and firefox, which browser would you recommend?

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@kion i don't think there is that many that are feature rich like those two

i mean opera sure
but the ui on opera takes time to make look less cluttered

@kion i use falkon for certain stuff since it is faster but it lacks a ton of features and only offers the extensions included with the browser you can't really expand beyond that

@codythedragonrude @kion I second falkon, you can also try midori. I haven't used midori much, but I liked it all right.

@OpenComputeDesign @codythedragonrude Didn't know Falkon was a thing, I'll give it a try tonight. I like Midori, but it can't seem to play youtube videos.

@kion beakerbrowser if you want to check out the dat protocol

@hund @kion


I would not recommend either Chrome or Firefox

@Nesaijn Nice to see some recommendations for brave. Though after trying it, it says that kernel 4.9 doesn't support sandboxing.

@kion Hmm. I know about an error that caused by the use of the flag --no-sandbox, but that is new to me.

I have found this issue here on GitHub:

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