Is there any reason to use something like MongoDB or Postgres over the standard Mysql/MariaDB option?

@kion Mongo DB no longer has a Free Software compatible license, so it is being dropped from major distros. Other than that, no idea

@matt If it's not FOSS, then it's not worth getting into. The appealing part about a NoSQL was the json interaction.

@kion mongodb is a nosql database, while the other ones are. So they are very different functionality and interface wise.

@bennydarshan Though most data is pretty much standardized as json now. So I was wondering if there is any advantage over using besides MySQL.

@kion json is what used to transmit the data, SQL and nosql is a question of how that data is stored and accessed.
Yes, both have advantages and disadvantages.
There is a good Google video about that, I will grab it and link it.

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