Still trying to figure out where Megaman Legends stores the vertices for the environments.

In terms of memory, the Playstation has 1MB of graphical memory which has the sreen buffer and textures.

Which means that the vertices for that stages (like the other models in the game) are stored somewhere in the 2MB of system memory that the playstation has.

The problem is that I can't seem to find the geometry for the environment in the game files. The game has .MDT files which describe the width and height of rooms in terms of tiles and defines the tiles numbers.

And then in addition to MDT files, the game also uses .STG files which
use indices to define the geometry for each title. The problem is I'm having a hard time tacing back to where the geometry is defined for the indices.

@kion yes but capcom has always been good at custom game engines that get more out of weak hardware

i mean they had to be or games like resident evil 2 would run at a terrible framerate

programming magic

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