For window libaries that support OpenGL there's
- glfw
- freeglut
- sdl
- gtk
Still on the fence about which one I want to use.

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though, side note this is for libraries that work with C/C++. Not sure about python, java or things like that. Though all of the cool kids seem to be using Vala these days.

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Originally I was thinking of using GTK, since it has the option of using other widgets along with the GtkGLArea to be able to make general applications with GTK and have the option of adding on graphics. Though that seems to bring up the KDE/Gnome flame war out of no where. Also it requires OpenGL 3.0 or higher as OpenGL 2.0 and lower has too much legacy code to work with. Makes sense, though I still don't know how to use VOA's effectively.

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Freeglut is really simple and seems to be the best library to get started and jump into OpenGL. They also have one of the better beginner tutorials for being able to get started: The problem is that Freeglut doesn't support much beyond a window and basic input. So it won't take you much further than quick debug applications.

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I might have to give GLFW another try. It's the library used in the OpenGL redbook for examples. It also has a little extra's like being able to set window hints and more functionality for input, language bindings, vulkan, and OpenGL ES. I might have to play with it some more.

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