Finding that Boxes is a lot more enjoyable than using VirtualBox.

@kion gnome boxes? I found machines repeatedly crashing on reload and generally lacked features.

@malin So far I haven't gotten a chance to use it much, but I like the UI, I like the easy install, and the method they use for keyboard and mouse capture makes it a lot easier to use. So for limited use it seems to work well.

@kion I have to say it was a godsend the first time I fired up a VM, and it was one click-go. Hopefully its less buggy now.

@malin @kion encountered a bug where RDP scheme triggered a response loop in journald when attempts at connecting to a host failed. The same response is spammed indefinitely. This occurred during the flurry of news around the journald exploit employing a similar technique.

I suck at feedback both interpersonally and electronically...

@nergal Is this to do with Gnome Boxes? Does it use RDP somewhere?

Yes. It does rdp, spice, vnc among other schemes.

Mine is not the same as It is similar though

Yes. It does rdp, spice, vnc among other schemes.

Mine is similar to Instead it is something to do with failure to authenticate because of NLA (?) version difference I guess.

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