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In this document the words "SUS", "BAKA", "EMERGENCY", and "VENT" are to be interpreted as described in RFC--

Switching to sway!
Pretty much everything from my i3 config works, but need a few things i got used to in gnome to work too.

all my boyfriends keep turning into girlfriends

Uncle is not a relation.
Uncle is a state of mind.

We're All Going to the World's Fair is a must watch

Expecting a boom a new users now that birdsite is musky

Does someone know how to generate JSON Schema for a Pydantic model that has the type annotation as `Dict[str, OtherPydanticModel]`?
Bascially a Dict in DIct.

Pydantic does the validation correctly but it's not able to generate schema cos it doesn't support it. (Raises a TypeError: Object of type 'FieldInfo' is not JSON serializable)

Is there a way to generate it with custom schema?

Oh man i miss my hair so much. Imma grow it out again this year.


hello :) i'm charlotte and i have just set up & moved to it's a private instance for queer people whomst i deem cool

i am a non-binary girlflux trans programmer computer-security lesbian+ cat-/bunny-girl who speaks multiple languages and likes music and videogames and being hot

i like breaking the rules (usually the ones that protect power), so i enjoy software piracy, videogame cheat development (death to microtransactions!), other cursed computer things, and being obnoxiously queer everywhere i go

i am an anarchist & a communist

i am also a girlboss so i do what i can to thrive under capitalism but i would much rather nobody have to. right now i am a self-employed software developer
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