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hey anyone wanna commission me so i can set aside money to get astrid a christmas gift that will BLOW HER MIND

And so the front end is telling me that I need to accept the Snapchat access token for Authorization. Is this okay to do? This wouldn't really be following the Authorization token flow anymore. What flow would this be then? Maybe snapchat just doesn't use OAuth2. They use GraphQL instead of rest for user data anyway (which is only 3 fields btw. Idk why they do this)

Also would this be a security issue? Normally to get the access token, a client secret is required but not for snapchat.

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Anyone have any experience with Snapchat login with OAuth2?
From what I know, the Authorization Code Flow goes like this:
Server sends the client a url to Authorize, and the server returns a Authorization Code to the client, the client sends it to the server, then the server requests an access token from the auth server and uses it to request data.

Snapchat's iOS library gets you the access token and data directly. (It gets the code too but it gets the token without the client secret)


I wanna get a house in the next 5 years god damn it. I can't live on rent more than that. Gotta start saving up. Getting a small apartment in a corner of Ulve or Taloja or something.

IGCSE Economics did not prepare me for the Marxist revolution,

Watching someone stream is one of the trippiest feelings ever.

Programming made the impossible possible. You can have a null object and a constant variable.

How does linuxrocks protect against DDOS? Setting up my own Mastodon instance. Just wondering what I should do to prevent takedowns and spam.

I don't want you to put "BLM" in your display name. I don't want you to put "Black Lives Matter ✊🏾" in your bio.

I want you to unfollow the friend who posts racist jokes.

I want you to confront your parents when they make racist comments.

I want you to stop ignoring the racist coworker b/c they're old.

I want you to donate your time/resources/expertise to local groups making a direct impact on their communities.

I want you actually SHOW black lives that they matter while they're alive.

The matrix synapse database is a weird mess. Missing primary keys in the postgres db. Foreign keys missing. Sure we can use joins BUT WHY ARE HALF OF THE THINGS USING FOREIGN KEYS, AND HALF ARE MISSING. Also just inconsistent naming of things,

I can't tell how fast I should be working.
If I work too fast, I feel like I'm tiring myself out and making less money for the same amount of work.
If I work too slow, I feel unproductive and unprofessional. I don't wanna scam my employer, or get fired.

How fast am I supposed to work? I've never to asked to work faster or slower. So idk.

Oh look it's me updating my profile pictures and name after years!!

I've used to much node in the past 2 years that, for the past week, I've been sitting down to work and `npm start`ing my python-flask api.

nvm its all good. A lot of things were stalling there were a lot of broken pupes. idk why. I tried updating the system but everything failed and borked the system. It was fine tho. just reinstalled base and everything is normal. I guess it just needed a restart. Imma guess the RAM and SWAP got filled, which happens when i have Firefox w/100+ tabs, Thunderbird, Postman, Atom, Nextcloud-client, KDE Connect and flask running at the same time... I need to debloat.

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`systemctl --user stop gpg-agent` also freezes
gpg-agent.service: State 'stop-sigterm' timed out. Killing.
But that also keeps failing.
btw i tried killing it with sudo and -9 and it still refuses to die.
wtf is happening.

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gpg-agent is taking no CPU or ram but my fan spun up. Any ideas?

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Weird. GPG isn't signing anything. It was working a second back. It just kinda freezes. I just signed and committed a minute ago and it worked fine.

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