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Tried CBD lolipops today. Pain in my shoulders was all gone. Not worth the $5 though. Id rather just take a warm bath. Though i think it helped with my tinnitus. I'll experiment a higher dose someday in a quiet place.

Alright guys, looks like I need money.

If anyone needs something like a Nextcloud Instance, or some other service set up, but either are too lazy, or don't have the technical know how to set something like that up, contact me. I'll get it done for you for a small fee. (something like $15-30 depending on what you want.)
I'll give you all the keys and passwords and accounts or whatever so you have full access.

I freaking hate mornings.
Shouldn't have taken morning classes.

Made Mava Peda (milk cake) today.
The milk took forever to curdle. Probably depends on the brand I guess.

Ill add the recipe to the repository tomorrow.

i'm trying to fill my rss reader with more #blogs by actual people (instead of news stuff). anyone can recommend me interesting active blogs?

#literature, #philosophy, #linux, #opensource, #tech, etc and whatnot :D

boosting appreciated :)

Anyone interested in joining in my vanilla Minecraft survival world? Right now im in the iron age. Got the basics. Theres plenty of food. Found an amazing cave system plus some spawners. Got a basic smelting system down. Itll be a lot more fun playing multiplayer.

If you have no idea what can I do,
It would be very aprriciate if you keep boosting, until sombody gets an idea!

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I'm not sure what I was expecting when I clicked on this section, but boy was I disappointed

Yikes. I don't have enough money for rent this month.

How the heck do c++ streams work anyway. Are they even a real thing or the syntax magic.

Started cooking a bit more seriously. I'm gonna share the recipes on my website and probably blog about it. Its quite a bit of fun. I didn't take pictures but ill add them when i make these the dishes again. (Probably next week)

I've written up two recipes, both desserts:
Moong ka Halva and
Rice kheer.

Both super easy to make. Ill upload them when i have access to the internet.

Bonus: they are markdown files and im gonna keep them in an open directory so you can wget them in bulk.

The Ethernet Port on my Galago Pro might have stopped working... Thats not good.

I'm going with Block storage. Its much cheaper and faster.

Even though Object storage has pretty good transfer speeds, the latency kills it for nextcloud use.

Digital Ocean allows gradually scaling the storages, so I'm really only paying 50 cents this months, and i'll increase it as i slowly transfer the data back.

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Yikes. The ObjectStorage is not holding up well at all.
I've got three options now

1. Stick to Digital Oceans which costs $5 for 250GB per month.

2. Switch to Wasabi Object Storage Which is $6 for a Terabyte per month. (And i think it allows scaling down, so i'll just use 100GB or something)

3. Just use Digital Ocean's block storage which is $5 for 50GB (and honestly enough for now. I only have 2GB on the server since i moved everything to a offline HDD)

I'd love an Always online machine to do some data hoarding... Sucks that i have to keep moving every few months :/

I guess that'll have to wait till fall.

Okay... Maybe Object storage is a bit too slow for use with nextcloud... It's making so progress in terms of sync. Maybe its the first sync thats why?

Lets see. If the first sync works well, i'll move the files i need synced quickly on local storage and archival files on the object storage.

I'm thinking of starting a video mini series that educates parents (and a subset of adults that look after children) on the ins and outs of parenting their child in a world where social media is so prevalent.

What topics/realms of interest would you like to see covered if I were to do such a thing?

Is this something you'd be willing to support financially/donate to? I would be doing it with or without funding, though funding would allow me to make it a little more polished.

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