I hate posting this kind of crap out.. but to look aside is to deny and culpability.

Racism and extremist don't come with just a tag. They come in all colors and creed.

Beaten and humiliated for being a Muslim in India

Attacks on Muslims by Hindu mobs have soared in India, with little apparent official condemnation.


Money ask 

Hi friends. My partner has been in and out of the hospital this month with liver issues. We're asking for some financial support as we wait for a liver transplant. Any amount helps. Thank you so much! P.S. if you're not able to give please share!



@Tritium all worth it at the end I hope.
Its been about 5 weeks with the braces and there's already been a lot of movement... 11 more months to go 😭.

Also Macdonalds USA sucks but God damn it MacDonald's India is actually really great.
How y'all don't have McSpicy Chicken.

I wish they bring back Chicken McGrill tho.
That sweet and spicy green chutney, oof. Just the best.

And McVeggie was my favourite growing up.

Me: Eating anything harder than a MacDonald's soft serve causes immense agony.

Also me: 2 Butter Podi Dosa Extra Crunchy

6 days of no running water. Wtf is even happening.

@codythedragonrude I'd say linux. I'm more likely to watch if I can actually run the game. Plus fits more with the theme.

re: realizing the facade of transition timelines in a transition-positive way 

@cwebber @erin wait hold up. You're 36?
I thought you're like 25

beware of "the opposite sex"- they are composed of antimatter and will combust if you touch them

@Batcastle I'm job hunting rn. I'm gonna run out of savings soon 🥴
The local LUG is pretty much dying too. Corona really took a toll. Once I get a job tho, for sure.

@Batcastle there's IRL debian release parties?? What do you do? Is it like an installfest?

Gotta get the raspi set up. Been too long without a computer.

Getting my motherboard repaired and I don't really have that much hold. These peeps seem kinda... Incompetent.

@Ghosty The launch didn't go well and it's on hold.

That's exciting. Hehe I need to get Outta this country, just so I can be away from my parents.

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