I feel sick, tired, lonely and bored.

I miss highschool.

One of the best decisions I made was to deactivate those 'read receipts', aka blue ticks, from the IM apps that I use. Not only people stopped asking me for an answer right away but also I stopped waiting for other people's answers as soon as the ticks went blue. #MentalHealth

@hund lowercase because it looks nicer and it's better to be consistent. But my library folders (Documents, Pictures, Nextcloud) start with a capital letter. Also if there's two files with a similar starting name and I was to frequently refer to them I'll have one with lowercase and one with uppercase so I can tab complete them quickly. (think hw5.pdf with the questions and Homework5.tex where I'm working on the answers.)

@ndegruchy @ironiemix
You can set applications to open in particular workspaces now. I've been using the same scheme for three years now that it's now become muscle memory. I even try to do that on my friends' computers and get pissed when it doesn't work.

@malin @Halbeard
Here's a video I found in english showing how it works. youtube.com/watch?v=bf1C9o8iqF
Here's another that might help understand what the machines look like and what they do: youtube.com/watch?v=ZJReQ8ao0S

@malin @Halbeard
As for tampering, the same could be said about paper ballots. In fact, it is much easier to tamper with paper ballots. Changing votes on the EVM would require a lot of technical expertise, and no one has done a demo of a EVM being tampered without leaving a trace. You usually have to break the EVM to change the votes since you need to reflash/replace the chip.

@malin Also the same thing could be said for the counting machines used right now to vote. Clearly we trust those machines though.

Also all the votes are infact anonymous. You are put in a curtained space where no one can see you vote.

Also @Halbeard They are not using any block chains. Infact it not a crazy computer with windows or linux or something. It is a very simple embedded system with a chip that is by design programmable only once.

One day before the elections, all the parties involved test all the machines with "test" votes and count them to make sure all of the machines work as expected. The machines are then randomly assigned to regions. All parties have guards to protect against tampering.

The paper report is a print that you get after you vote. You just read what the paper says. Its basically your paper ballot, but its used as a fall back. (1/?)

@malin yes. But the EVMs in India use write once, read only memory and even if someone manages to tamer the machine itself, the machine uses a VVPAT system where the voter can verify that their vote is cast. It creates a paper trail which can then be manually counted, if required. If a party thinks the EVMs are tampered they can order a manual counting of the paper trail. Also, 2% of random EVMs are manually counted with the paper ballots.

@malin I've seen the video. In fact he even said that you could transport the EVM machine but brushes it off as being not economical.

@malin India has been doing electronic voting for a while. The way we fixed the problem of transferring votes was by transporting the voting machine itself. I see that argument here in the US too but they say it's not economical which doesn't make sense because it clearly is. Plenty of places are doing it.

@Ghosty I'm a dum dum. I checked your old account and thought wow it's been months you've posted. Also both ghosty.ch and the nof.st sites are ded.

That sounds very interesting.

@techit actually the fixed version is on fdroid now (it was on there a day after I tooted that :p). Make sure it's >= 18.2

@malin the class is just started. It just wanted me to recognize that there was a fallacy in the conclusion and identify the various rules of inference. The previous question does in fact use B(x, y): x barks at y and has a C(x): x is a cat. I guess they didn't want us to clutter the page with C()s when they are technically not required so it's easier to focus on what is asked (and probably make it easier to check)

Also, as someone who loves retrogames, BSDs are perfectly viable for gaming.

@malin well, actually none of the lines use cats as an object. It's always part of "barks at cats" so it would be perfectly valid to not need an extra variable for cats. None of the propositions use cats as a subject during the proof either.

@malin well, I don't see why B(x) can't mean x barks at cats. Because technically barks isn't mentioned either. It's ab action. So A(x, Barks, y) would be even more specific.

@malin well it (B(x)) just says "x barks at cats"
That would mean all cats so originally I had AxAy(D(x) ^ C(y) -> B(x,y)) but that's not how B is defined and C is not defined at all.

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