Little tip:

Use less of your Upload Quota by slighty increasing the RF value of your videos in the Video Section of Handbrake.

Your videos will lose a little bit of quality, but the size will greatly reduce.

Today I have reduced a 700mb video to 50mb, while keeping it's quality :)

I recommend keeping it lower than 28


@sproid @LibertyPaulM
For a while single player games were mainstream. And I was annoyed.

Honestly, we need more hotseat multiplayer games.

Would it be possible to create a commentg-section tool like Disqus but that uses the activity pub protocol (or maybe there is already one) ? Would be nice to have an open source alternative to disqus which can allow anyone on the fediverse to comment.

@LibertyPaulM @SolusSpider terminator is the only one that works well for me. It's a bit bloated, but on an i7 with an SSD, it's as snappy as anything else.

To dogs, being taken for a run is like an escort mission in a video game where your run speed is faster than the NPC but your walk is slower

My team just won the second prize for devil's invent hackathon at ASU! We're going to Texas, baby!

Yep, I found it after digging through the flask documentation. Should have just done that in the first place. I was wasting time in the json library documentation.

So I'm stuck.
I'm got a JSON file that I'm parsing in python using the json library.
One of the values is a text field that goes like this:


I'm displaying this on a webpage using flask with data["text"]
But it seems like those html codes are being automatically being escaped to &lt;
How do I prevent that.

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Suicide bomber rammed a car into a bus full of our soldiers at the border and blew up. Most are saying terrorist attacks and some are saying militant attacks, clarifying that terrorist attacks are on civilians and the soldiers blown up supposedly belong to that group of the defense system who have harmed more civilians themselves.
maybe they're trying to dilute the impact on the group or the org but what if you think of each of the 40+ individuals who just stopped to exist at a moment's notice?

What I was thinking is having a "current device" value stored in a file.
The hotkey would change the volume of the current device and a second hotkey can be used to cycle through the different devices. I3 bar could display the current device.

Though this scripts useful. I would display the name of the device on i3 bar instead of the ID

@an3223 that's what I do for i3wm. Though the device numbers seem to Change on my new laptop. Might have to write a script to get the current device or something.

I mean, if it's on the internet, it's out there forever. People can just as easily take a screenshot, and there plenty of caching websites out there, including and Google web cache.

In Unix, we don’t say “I don’t think we’ve been introduced,” we say “permission denied (publickey)”

@cameron give jdupes a try:

jdupes -rSs ./ > dupes.txt

Will output all duplicates in your current folder, recursively into subfolders, and output to a txt file

Or include the -d flag to let you pick which files to keep, which to delete

Believe me, I've been clearing out hundreds of gigabytes of files for a few years now, most of them are dupes, and jdupes is invaluable.

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