@_emacsomancer @nm Might look into an S5. As long as it's unlocked, I'm good.

@nm I just need the incoming. So people can contact me and so i can do banking and shit. I was looking at getting a older phone like the Palm Treo 650. But most on EBay are locked to specific networks. I want to switch away from T-Mobile. I cant afford that shit.

I cant afford a full price phone right now. I just got duped into paying 32 dollars per month instead of 23 for three month, and i lost my phone last week.
I was actually looking at second hand phones, but looks like most of them are locked. Its crazy how they dont offer 2G and 3G service anymore. Heck, so many of them dont even provide pay as you go services. I dont want to pay over $10 per month. I barely use Data since i'm on Wifi, and I dont really call that much too.

@ajdunevent You should try some indian okra dishes (Or Lady Finger)

I feel like Orka just doesn't work with the american food style. Indian style okra is pretty great.

What the fuck is up with phones being locked to specific carriers in the US.

Also, turns out I wasn't banned from Lunduke's bbs. The BBS just went down.

Okay So i set up my BBS and the reverse proxy to it!
Its live on telnet://lokegaonkar.in
(on port 23 and 9000)
I'll start adding more stuff to it over the weekend. The cool thing is MysticBBS supports NNTP, FTP, and POP3 so i can basically access the BBS from thunderbird for quick updates.

@architect I should have. I almost forgot about it haha.

Na, I just pinged it too many times in a day I think.

I've been looking into BBSes a lot these days. Lunduke's BBS is a lot of fun to be in and its really easy to use too. Its something that I can use in 2019 as long as other people are using it too.

I was planning on setting up my own BBS, but i just want be be able to communicate with other BBSes through it. Lets see if i can figure this out. I'm using Mystic BBS

Holy Crap. Apparently they grew cotton on the moon!

@LibertyPaulM So does free Porn get a pass? (ie, not even ads on the site)

How is that making anything safer?

Besides, there's no way this law is gonna stand. They tried to pull that shit in India a few years ago (They Banned Porn websites altogether)

DIdn't take too long for the law to be repealed and the websites to be unblocked.

People came together like the British are back.

@LibertyPaulM Oh Boy! That's never gonna work.

Does duckduckgo need a age verification screen for when you search for porn by turning safe search off and going to the images section?

What about subscription email? What about FTP servers with porn on them? What about archive.org?

I'm working on a Mastodon to Instagram Story Crossposter!

..... IN PHP!!!

That's very helpful. I think I'll be able to get a min wage job this summer.
I really should consider investing in precious metals. Will look into that.

Honestly though, the most important thing for me right now is finding a scholarship. Its only my first semester but hopefully if I get a high enough GPA, I'll get atleast a mediocre scholarship.

@architect Stupid Money, Getting in the way of LITERALLY EVERYTHING.

I haven't even started working and I already cant wait to retire.

So I finished Ghost Rider for the GBA in a single day yesterday. I was planning or Streaming it today to finish it on the "Demonic" mode. Who'd be interested in watching that? I was thinking of setting up a voice chat so people can just join in and chat about games or linux or whatever.

Reply to this post if you're interested in watching/chatting or boost/tag if you know someone who is.

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