Selfie, eye contact 

How can you know who I am, when I don't know myself?

@mosesgikomba I respect your message but I think it would be more relevent on other instances. Maybe consider making an account elsewhere?

@TheFake_VIP this is so relatable. But I think I have an idea now. Because I procrastinated for so long, I ended up planning a lot 😌

Na. I leases it for 12 months. Lease ends in August so I have to find some one to live instead of me. I can move in with sanvid then. (do you know him? He's that big guy from icse.)

@adityashankar been trying for months! Just can't find a guy to sublease my place!

@dpreacher @Ghosty I know you're joking... But he'd probably fit in pretty well.

@Ghosty suite mates went though his drawer looking for used juulpods or something. He got pissed and slammed the TV. Then said he's gonna pay for then.
They they all started destroying the TV and recorded it.
He ain't mentally stable haha.

I'm not getting involved at all lol. I'm just a innocent bystander.

My room mate just broke the living room TV cos he was pissed... Insane shit.

Eye contact, Dead meme. 

Will you parry me? Ya filthy casual.

@techit seriously tho, I have the feeds in Thunderbird and just listen to them in VLC.

@omnipotens @G_Dog1985 @architect looks good to me.
Maybe mention that bots aren't allowed?
Also NSFW content should be fine as long as it's behind a CW. But, I'm not sure how that sits with others. Maybe poll that?

Also huge thanks for all the work you've done!

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