Oh man i miss my hair so much. Imma grow it out again this year.


hello :) i'm charlotte and i have just set up & moved to trans.enby.town. it's a private instance for queer people whomst i deem cool

i am a non-binary girlflux trans programmer computer-security lesbian+ cat-/bunny-girl who speaks multiple languages and likes music and videogames and being hot

i like breaking the rules (usually the ones that protect power), so i enjoy software piracy, videogame cheat development (death to microtransactions!), other cursed computer things, and being obnoxiously queer everywhere i go

i am an anarchist & a communist

i am also a girlboss so i do what i can to thrive under capitalism but i would much rather nobody have to. right now i am a self-employed software developer

So I started dating another person this new year's.

Never been happier.

Tired: Calling it misandry
Wired: calling misandry transmisogyny so the woke masses don't instantly disregard it.

Bad toilet design 

At a fancy restaurant in BKC (yauatcha) and their toilets don't have jet sprays. Why? I don't care how fancy you are, you need to have a jet spray if you're building a toilet in India. This had to be a conscious decision.
Using toilet paper ain't fun.

Also their taps didn't work. One of the waiters came with a bottle of water for me to wash my hands.

@buoyantair damn Minecraft be looking a little different these days.

Imho if your software project doesn't have a mascot you should really get a mascot and that mascot should be queer

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Why can't it be morning already, I just wanna go home 😭


I found a strip of finasteride and spirolactone while looking for my allergy meds in mom's medicine box. She said dad used to use it to control swelling (tho it's probably from when mom had pcos).
Controlling the urge to self medicate. :P

Haven't really found traditional wings in my city. Might travel to Mumbai. Wish they open b-dubs here. Love that place.


@lufthans part of hindu last rites. Also dad wanted me to cut my hair. Got his wish I guess.

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