PDF forms are the worst thing ever. They never work.

@davidpgil @unfa boop. Then i guess he already knows how awesome it is... Imma go follow him there now.

@unfa have you considered lbry? Even small Youtubers are earning more money there than on YouTube and a lot of large ones already upload there. I can actually just use lbry and not miss much. Plus i think if you connect your accounts it will automatically crosspost for you.

@OpenComputeDesign looks like i missed the poll. Ive only played nethack on the list and its freaking awesome.


@hund maybe its just me. But balancing electrolytes is damn impossible. I end up peeing everything i drink and being constantly thirsty. Especially in the phoenix weather.

Today Linux Journal shut its doors for good. All staff were laid off and the company is left with no operating funds to continue in any capacity... linuxjournal.com/content/linux

@amolith deluge. Hands down the best torrent client. Run the daemon and connect with either the web, cli or gui interfaces. You can even connect to remote daemons.

Not being able to talk about your problems because that will cause an even greater problem really sucks. (Hopefully you get what I'm talking about)

Furthermore, I've basically turned my mastodon account into a list of rants. That's not nice either.

YT Drama Discourse, ED 

YT Drama Discourse, ED 

@dpreacher check your pulse audio panel. My speaker also does that when i accidentally set it to one of the low bandwidth mode it supports. (Its also a JBL)

America makes me really happy!
America makes me really sad.

Got my website back up after a month!

Btw apparently DO charges you for instances that are turned off and not being used too.

Tried CBD lolipops today. Pain in my shoulders was all gone. Not worth the $5 though. Id rather just take a warm bath. Though i think it helped with my tinnitus. I'll experiment a higher dose someday in a quiet place.

Alright guys, looks like I need money.

If anyone needs something like a Nextcloud Instance, or some other service set up, but either are too lazy, or don't have the technical know how to set something like that up, contact me. I'll get it done for you for a small fee. (something like $15-30 depending on what you want.)
I'll give you all the keys and passwords and accounts or whatever so you have full access.

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