Selfie, eye contact 

How can you know who I am, when I don't know myself?

Eye contact, Dead meme. 

Will you parry me? Ya filthy casual.

Eye Contact 

Love means nothing to a tennis player.

Some pictures I posted on my Instagram a while back .

Btw I'm not going back.

Prawns rava (semolina) fry!
It's actually better than what my mom used to make :P

Its crazy how broken this website is:

It automatically logs in with the credentials when you try to search btw. And most of the servers are either down or just broken.

There's something very satisfying and cool about this.

Also I hope this doesn't count as academic dishonesty. :blobthinkingeyes:

Made Mava Peda (milk cake) today.
The milk took forever to curdle. Probably depends on the brand I guess.

Ill add the recipe to the repository tomorrow.

Railway (139) query returned html... Hmm...
When was this ever a thing.

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