Yeet. The gov really gonna do us like that huh

@Ghosty become fill fascist. more so in the time it took to reply to this hehe

@Ghosty Pretty good right now. Looking for a job again. How about you?

@kensp Whats up with your old job? :O

I'm switching jobs to Siemens Mobility this fall :)
So far life is good.

@Ghosty The launch didn't go well and it's on hold.

That's exciting. Hehe I need to get Outta this country, just so I can be away from my parents.

@kensp Ouch!

My parents are pretty open minded, luckily. But I moved out anyway. Moving out asap is the best thing most people can do :D

The German marked craves for talented WebDevs. I mostly do ReactJS, TS, JS, NodeJS with MongoDB and some PHP and that landed me the job at Siemens with no other certifications needed. :)

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