I can't tell how fast I should be working.
If I work too fast, I feel like I'm tiring myself out and making less money for the same amount of work.
If I work too slow, I feel unproductive and unprofessional. I don't wanna scam my employer, or get fired.

How fast am I supposed to work? I've never to asked to work faster or slower. So idk.

@kensp So long as you're hitting your deadlines and can look busy roughly half the day, I'd say you're fine. I typically actually work around 30minutes to 7.5hrs in a day, the rest is usually reading some neat articles that might help with the project or doing some potentially beneficial experiments.
If your boss isn't complaining, you're probably fine

Its a chatting app based on the matrix synapse server. Very cool stuff. (Not federated, but sill very cool)

@Ghosty Yep. I don't think I'm gonna do anything other than remote for a while haha. It is very nice to get paid in dollars and spend in rupees.

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