Weird. GPG isn't signing anything. It was working a second back. It just kinda freezes. I just signed and committed a minute ago and it worked fine.

gpg-agent is taking no CPU or ram but my fan spun up. Any ideas?


`systemctl --user stop gpg-agent` also freezes
gpg-agent.service: State 'stop-sigterm' timed out. Killing.
But that also keeps failing.
btw i tried killing it with sudo and -9 and it still refuses to die.
wtf is happening.

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nvm its all good. A lot of things were stalling there were a lot of broken pupes. idk why. I tried updating the system but everything failed and borked the system. It was fine tho. just reinstalled base and everything is normal. I guess it just needed a restart. Imma guess the RAM and SWAP got filled, which happens when i have Firefox w/100+ tabs, Thunderbird, Postman, Atom, Nextcloud-client, KDE Connect and flask running at the same time... I need to debloat.

@kensp check for microsoft defender in your /opt and sysd unit files

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