Instagram's old API is dead and it's under Facebook's Graph API now. Single-handedly killed Instagram for me. Why does Facebook ruin everything I love.

It is so much work to use facebook APIs and there's a new verification step after everything. Pisses me off.
All I should need to post on my *personal account* is my secret token. Which is how it used to be until Facebook ruined it.

After going through a long ass process of connecting my insta to a facebook page, verifying my phone number, making a facebook devoloper account, setting up Facebook login, getting the access token from facebook, I need to verify my app. For which
I need to give them a government ID just to post on Instagram

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@kensp never used instagram, but could you use PixelFed or Nextcloud to replace whatever you're doing with the walled garden?

@lufthans PixelFed doesn't jave stories. I have an account but never use it because it doesn't have it.
I've had next cloud for years but the social features suck ass haha.
I absolutely love Mastodon tho. I've been on this instance for years and loved it. Also had my own instance with @Ghosty and bowner

I'm hosting one soon. Just looking for domain names now. Gonna get my close friends on it. is what I have in mind. Open to ideas.

@lufthans @Ghosty I was actually building a crossposter. Had it going but insta killed the API.

@kensp @Ghosty PixelFed added stories last year, don't know if it matches what you're wanting

@lufthans @Ghosty
Oh you're right. I need to test this out. Instagram stories are quite amazing, and offer a very good interface. If pixel fed can offer some of the features it would be great. Tho if it doesn't Id rather use mastodon. Else none of my peers are gonna switch.

@kensp @Ghosty just ran across a related post in my timeline, I haven't watched the video, but it might be of interest to you

@kensp My usual response to things like these is just "leave em"
Just like how I left Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Snapchat at least two or three yeras ago now.

@kensp Amazon made Twitch's API a pain to use as well.
They had many API endpoints that didn't require any verification, and now you need OAuth verification for everything.
OAuth is great. Don't get me wrong. But not stuff that is openly accessible through their own website...

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