My room mate just broke the living room TV cos he was pissed... Insane shit.

@Ghosty suite mates went though his drawer looking for used juulpods or something. He got pissed and slammed the TV. Then said he's gonna pay for then.
They they all started destroying the TV and recorded it.
He ain't mentally stable haha.

I'm not getting involved at all lol. I'm just a innocent bystander.

@kensp wonder f he would like to apply for RSS membership over here. probably remote opportunities might be there. #gonecase @Ghosty

@dpreacher @Ghosty I know you're joking... But he'd probably fit in pretty well.

@kensp preferably don't spoil the joke by mentioning it... :P @Ghosty

@adityashankar been trying for months! Just can't find a guy to sublease my place!

Na. I leases it for 12 months. Lease ends in August so I have to find some one to live instead of me. I can move in with sanvid then. (do you know him? He's that big guy from icse.)

@kensp I'd recommend limiting expensive purchases and keeping stuff away from the roommate for now, what he's doing is basically vandalism, also keep contacts on quick dial just in case you need them, he's clearly NOT a person you should be with

If your parents are okay with it/you have the money to, consider shifting without subleasing, this guy is clearly reckless and could harm you

Stay safe dude

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