Damn, there's just a flood of spambots on this instance. Who's doing it?

@kensp thanks for the reports, didn't seem to really be much in common other than piracy spam

@kensp not sure I have not seen anything to put something together to stop it. suggestions are welcome.

@omnipotens I've reported at lease 10 of them, and got tired. They all are registered as bots. Maybe disable registration or just block bot registration.
I think @architect has noticed them.

@kensp @omnipotens Yup, set new registrations to require approval. I guess for now it's just waiting to see when any potential spambots activate and shutting them down. May be able to do some more proactive work over the weekend though depending on how other things go.

@architect @kensp Did you set it to require approval or do I need to do something?

@architect @kensp @G_Dog1985 Oh I guess you did it already 😜 Anyone want to fix my install of rhosp13? lol Fighting for a week solid. I miss sleep

@architect @kensp @G_Dog1985 That's what started this whole mess haha. Improper shutdown lol

@omnipotens @kensp @G_Dog1985 Given the time wasted so far by RH support, I'd consider just backing up anything important and re-imaging it

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