Btw, a while back somebody posted a question about how people spell "Axe"

Apparently people in America are said to spell it as "Ax" but no one actually does ...

But then I was playing The world ends with you, and that game had a dialogue where one of the NPCs spelled "Axe" as "Ax" so I guess there's some truth to it.

@kensp Spelling is overrated. Some human being decided to spell it that way. As long as the way you’re spelling it is sensible it isn’t wrong.

I always said to my German teacher in high school that I speak Finn and not German :D

@Ghosty ya know, maybe English should switch to a Abugida like Hindi or Japanese. Spelling wouldn't be a problem at all.

@kensp German grammar is hell! Every noun starts with a capital letter and sometimes verbs can be nouns too and the fact that there is no strict sentence structure makes all of that even more painful because you have to place commas all the time.

German is a great language for linguistic powerhouses. But for an almost illiterate like me it’s hell on earth D:

@Ghosty Quite interesting to learn about foreign languages. I guess some verbs can be nouns in English too.

@kensp Yeah. But in English it’s a no brainer because you don’t have to write nouns with a capital :D

@kensp It's an older, variant spelling. Like 'to aks a question', is older English, also from England.

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