I just bought Doom 2016.

I'd be more excited but it's gonna take a few days to download... It's 60 GB...

@dpreacher I wish I was in india. I can get cheap ass Gigabit internet in Mumbai. It's cheaper than getting a 300 megabit connection in Tempe.
I have a 150 megabit right now. Really it's about 1-2 megabytes/s for stuff like steam download and package updates after it's shared between all the devices.

So yeah. Since I don't keep my PC all overnight, it's days to download that 60Gigs.

@kensp @dpreacher how is that possible? throttling?

I just downloaded civ VI and got full bandwith for 100mbs connection.

@kensp @dpreacher Outch. It's a trend that most western countries struggle with internet. It's probably because they just accept those monopolies. Looking at the age of most politicians I see why ;).

In Germany it's slightly better. I'm paying 35€ for 100Mbit. I'm getting this speed when everyone is at work or asleep. But during prime time I get >1.5Mbit/s.

@Ghosty my plan costs about 16.4€ for 150mbps and only because of a building specific cabling issue, the actual speed is limited to 100maps. WiFi does go upwards of 50maps.

@dpreacher @Ghosty
It's all a big scam tbh. To get reliable internet you have to shell out for the business internet. I have an uplink to the leasing office. I got upwards of 20 Megabit consistently. Went upto 50Megabit. Downloaded the game in hours. They have Cox Business...

I'm gonna have they even have unblocked ports and good IPv6 support...

@kensp that speed looks more realistic but that situation of yours looks unfortunate.

@dpreacher @Ghosty To be fair, I think there might be an issue with my router or the cable wiring. My neighbors upstairs get 100-150 megabit of their home connection... Weirdly enough the same port in his house doesn't have a uplink to the leasing office... Maybe the cabling was damaged, and instead of fixing it, they just conncted our house to the leasing office? Who knows.

@kensp similar issue in my place. the first isp here laid cables supporting only upto 100mbps which was their highest plan. I moved to a newer isp that arrived much later and initially took their 100maps plan. But now they increased the speed to 150mbps at no extra charge but they won't spend on changing the existing 100mbps limited cabling that they didn't put in the first place

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