Do you ever just do something and think,
"Well, that's a shit way to do it. But I have no idea how I could do this better, and I ain't getting paid (enough), so I'm not gonna spend my day planning".

Option 1) Do the work better, and put the results in an idiot-proof graph, then go to management and show why it's actually cheaper to pay you to do a good job.

elif error:
Option 2) Find a different place to work.

@malin :P management

It's a 3 man team. One working on the front end (me) one on the backend and one guy doing the business stuff (marketing, etc)

We aren't even getting paid. It's a startup and we'll get paid if we get funding. (venture devil's) and I doubt we'll get any. But let's see. If we don't, I'll just stop working. I ain't too passionate about this project.

@malin didn't actually know it was gonna be like this when I joined. I was expecting getting detailed specs for what to do, working under designers and stuff ...

Sucks. But it's whatever.

I hate to say the obvious thing that someone here might say but, ... with the acknowledgement that I don't work in your industry and might be full of it.... maybe try FOSS?

If you're looking for experience, and already not getting paid, and want to work as part of a team, and want to select something you love, then you seem to have the basic ingredients for some FOSS contribution there already.

@kensp Oh, and for comparison, I have no idea what I'm doing, and no qualifications, so I spend maybe a couple of afternoons every few months doing a proof-of-concept that an idea can work.

After that my company either rejects the idea, or they make a contract, and then pay me money.

That's a reasonable half-way point, given my lack of qualification. Your situation sounds thoroughly unreasonable.

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