Sad, nihilism, quarantine 

Been feeling weirdly nihilistic lately. It's like none of anything matters because I'm gonna move soon, and then graduate, then after some time leave that job and go back. I'm not gonna stay in a place for more than 2 years at a time, so none of my relationships matter... Also being at home all the time is just making me all sad and shit.

Sad, nihilism, quarantine 

Remote work's getting more and more popular. It allows people to switch jobs while living where they like (either in a single area, or travelling the globe).

My place don't work with development yet, but I'm sure we and everyone else hiring tech people will in time.

Sad, nihilism, quarantine 

@malin yeah. I like the idea of remote working. But because of the quarantine I can't even be with my family.

There's a human need to be with other humans. And it subconsciously eats when you it's not satisfied.

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