Flights banned to India...

Corona is sucking the life out of me.

@kensp from 22nd onwards i read. cut off from the world as such.

@dpreacher I was about to come home on 24.

Hopefully the ban is lifted end of next week but who knows.

@kensp if you didn't book last minute, maybe you could have come earlier..but yeah, even if you come through all the airports, just stay distant and not be a risk to your people here. your city's recording quite some numbers.

I wanted to get my place subleased. But I guess I'm stuck here.

I'm gonna quarantine myself for two weeks anyway. Just in case. My dad's immunocompromised, diabetic, and 20 other things. Corona is a death sentence for him. I'll ask him to stay in ratnagiri for a while... Or maybe go to ratnagiri myself.

@kensp yea my parents are immunocompromised too. above 60 as well. just getting to any terminus whether bus or train or plane is scary if you go to meet folks who are not that well.

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