I have spent the last two hours trying to add a static IP to a device.

The fuck.

@kensp Can’t you just do that inside the routers settings?

@Ghosty I'm moving the DHCP server to a raspi. For some reason, netctl just failed to work properly.

@Ghosty the router sucks. I can't even change the DNS settings it gives out to clients. And by default it's gives out what it gets from the DHCP server upstream, which is Cox's DNS servers. And they suck hard too. They are slow and when you ask for a wrong domain instead of returning a NXDOMAIN, if returns one of its own IPs which redirects you to a Cox website saying domain not found. That's some Boomer shit. Plus I want a local domain for all my devices.

@Unairedspecifics guess what. Woke up next morning... And it's working fine... The fuck.

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