Alright. Is there a way to recover the partition table.

@kensp Have you tried testdisk? That thing does wonders.

Also my SSD just died, but it was old and didn't even had trim support. Dd (to back it up) saved my ass.

@RMW Yeah thats what I tried next but it has a lot of bad sectors so it freezed a lot. I think i need to made a dd image then run test disk on it.

@kensp dd status=progress if=/mnt/vms/win10/win10.raw conv=sync,noerror bs=128K of=/home/rmw/win10.raw

This is the command I used today to recover the Windows KVM, which I need for one college topic. (SSD)

Definitely do that noerror thing. It writes zero instead of exiting and saying that it is corrupted.

@RMW Its slowed down to about 130 kbps... I think i need to play with the block size because otherwise its going to take over a month to copy the 2 TB over.

@kensp Good luck, and I am currently pretty sure that my SSD is really dead.

@kensp to my knowledge, no. Seems to me you need to think about data recovery.

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