God damn it! I was about to start working on a cool little project involving mulicasts, and while testing it it only seemed to work on my local network.
Turns out multicasts aren't really supported by the internet. ISP block these packets... Come on... Even ipv6 multicasts are blocked.


@adityashankar @kensp What's multicast? The wiki page doesn't mention a specific port which might be blocked.

@malin @adityashankar it's not a particular port. You can have multicasts on any port. It happens on layer 3 (or layer 2). It allows you to send one packet that is received my multiple recipients.

@lufthans @adityashankar that's what made me interested in it. Can't go to scale but hopefully they out it up online.

@kensp @adityashankar I haven't had time to check this year, but they've been live-streaming rooms to youtube the last few years

@adityashankar @kensp The rooms were live-broadcasting to YouTube, search for SCaLE and the room number

I can probably get to it tomorrow

Once you find it, skip forward a few hours to Brett's presentation

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