Got my nextcloud back up.
I really wanted to set up
It has a bunch of dependencies that it doesn't list on its page. I think I'll build it locally and then transfer it to my server.

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@kensp :) That's nice. Do you have any other interesting apps suggestions for Nextcloud?

@10X Well, I don't use much other than Tasks, Calendar, and Contacts. I have the right click menu and a few other office related apps too.

Plus all my apps were reset since I moved to a new server. Hopefully Thunderbird and sync all that back up.

I wanted to try Nextcloud talk or mail, but never had time.

@kensp You should do a pull request where you add the missing dependencies :D

@Ghosty that's the plan. But first I gotta figure out what those are. I wasn't able to built it on the server. Gonna try again this week. There's one dep that's not in the repo that has its own deps. :P

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