Wow, I'm really not enjoying college. So much fluff, so little learning.

@kensp and don’t forget all that wonderful crushing debt!

@archtoasty I did the calculation. If i put the money I spent on college into a bank in India, I could live my life just off the interest. A pretty good life, in fact.

@kensp @archtoasty until they tax you more and more and eat more of that earned interest than you could survive with. :P sad to hear about your fluffy course.

@kensp We live in interesting times of change. People are waking up, some might say. The old ways and models don't "speak" to people no more... :thinkhappy:

@kensp i thought I already welcomed you to the American education system? The "greatest" in the world where anyone can get a degree, even if they don't know their own name. All for the low sum of your future.

Aww that sucks. I definitely had to take learning into my own hands in college too. I hope you find a way to learn (useful) things that is more enjoyable for you. I will say, my first 2 years were pretty "fluffy" and after that it got more engaging and much more focused on what I was actually in school for.

@MereLinuxMortal i spent the weekend at a hackathon. Made a dope ass project and learned a lot... Piled up so much work that my gpa dropped.

I know what i need to do now..!

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