Im a fucking computer science major. I shouldn't be stressing out about psychology or archeology or gender studies. But thats all i seem to do. Maybe these classes are easy for americans but this curriculum makes no sense to me.


Are you looking for vocational job training or a college education?


My degree is in Near East Archaeology. Was a lifetime ago but can I help with anything?

@davey probably not. Ill just have to study on my own if i want a good grade. I can probably handle archeology. But gender and society is just impossible. I need to read a 100 pages from books i dont have and write 5 pages on topics i dont care about. I dont give a fuck about pronouns. Or how the professor thinks that the words "crazy" and "insane" shouldn't be used because its unfair to the disabled. Its bullshit. I wanna learn some programming. Some math. Some electronics.


I transferred out of a gender studies course because of the ridiculous political correctness. And that was almost 20 years ago. Couldnt imagine what it would be like today. People are oversensitive. As someone who has had mental health issues, crazy is fine. Geez.

@kensp blame the studies stating those subjects are required in building more user friendly user interfaces.

@kensp don't worry they don't make sense to us Americans either. Just a bullshit excuse of a "well rounded education" so the colleges can suck more money out of you.

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